Friday, January 20, 2012

Thrift store mission

So my visit to various thrift stores last weekend was successful... well sort of. I didn't find any of the items I mentioned in my last post. No hats, I was sad. While I did find a red wool coat I liked it wasn't quiet what I wanted. I did however meet a woman in one of the shops wearing gorgeous fur coat.

So what did I come home with you might ask? Shoes! Umm several pairs of shoes actually. The first, a pair blue and white polka dot wedges, only cost $3.00 from the Salvation Army and will be perfect when/if summer ever gets here. How could I say no?

At another shop I found a nice pair of 1930s style shoes. Made in Greece! And a pair of brown and white saddle shoes. I think everyone needs a pair of saddle shoes. :) I'll post a pictures more soon.

Not vintage but these were another pair too cute to pass up.
 I also bought a cute little jacket and a pair of US Navy wool pants. The pants are really comfortable, despite all the buttons, and are great for New England winters. They will make a nice pair of dress pants to wear to the office.
This pair is from Maine Military Supply.

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