Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In the Garden - Pictures Perfectly Posed

Rebecca from the Fashionable Past asked me recently about my profile picture. "It's perfectly posed and framed with the flowers in the background. Just gorgeous!" Thanks Rebecca! I though I would share the picture in a larger version along with a few others from the same day. All of the photos below were taken last April in Colonial Williamsburg. Cori and I put on our 18th century finery to attend a candle light concert at the Governors Palace.

I really don't remember which garden in Williamsburg these pictures were taken in. There are so many "hidden gems" to discover if you wander off the beaten trail. This particular garden may be one behind the Weavers.

My gown is the one I've based off Louis Rolland Trinquesse's 1774 painting, "The Music Party." I didn't have time to finish all the trim in time for the concert. Actually, it's still not completely finished. The petticoat needs trim and I need to make a new stomacher as the one in the picture was just thrown together so I could wear the gown. My black silk cape with red silk lining was made by the fabulous Hallie Larkin. I bought it because it matched the black and red bonnet she made for me.

Still trying to perfect my version of "high hair." And yes, that is all my real hair. :)

Cori is wearing a coat I made using the JPRyan frock coat pattern. It's need a little tweaking but over all I'm happy with how it turned out. His matching breeches, all hand sewn, were made during a Hive workshop with Henry Cook. The wool for both coat and breeches came from Dorr Mill Store and is some of the best I've worked with.

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  1. So pretty! The lighting and the color palates make these pictures look like paintings. Thanks for sharing more of them!

    I am in love with Dorr Mill wool, too. I made an ivory wedding cloak for a friend using their wool and it was so soft and smooth and a real dream to work with. For the quality, the price is very reasonable. I just need to come up with more excuses to need to buy some for myself! :-)

    Great job on both outfits!


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