Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Outfit for Satuday

This Saturday is the Vermont Apple Festival. Cori and I will be there with our historical society and a couple of our awesome student interns! We are dressing 1940s again to tie in with the towns's WWII history.

I would loved to have made a new dress for this event but I knew that wasn't going to happen.
So now the question is - What should I wear?

A.) My new WAVE uniform (even though I don't have the correct shirt and tie)?
B.) A classic 1940's suit?
C.) A "Rosie" or "Bomber Girl" inspired look with high waist pants and a cardigan or blouse?

Library of Congress
I do have to keep the weather in mind - Saturday's forecast calls for possible showers with a high of 60, barely. (So long summer!) I will be under a tent most of the day, but still, wet ground means no vintage shoes. :( Sadness. Good thing I have modern heels as a back up. Something with long sleeves might be a good idea too.

My newly acquired WAVE uniform from Eba
WAVE uniform regulations state that for formal occasions a white shirt and black tie should be worn with this particular uniform, otherwise it's the navy blue shirt and reserve blue tie. I don't have either but I do have a blue shirt and regular black tie that could work for now. I found instructions online for making two different styles of WAVE ties but I won't be able to make one in time for Saturday.

Navy blue WAVE uniform shirt, which I need - Ebay
I don't have a pictures of my suit but it's pretty similar to the one pictured in the Simplicity pattern below. My suit is wool with a tiny brown and white check pattern and great pocket details. (Yes, I really need to take some pictures.) I think it would look great with some red acsents.

Here is what I wore the for the Market Madness event back in September. The dress is late '30s/early 40s vintage and made from a light blue knit material. I paired it with a cranberry colored belt and shoes that sorta, kinda matched. I could wear this outfit and again but I figured I should give some of the other options in my closet a try.

Cori and I at with the historical society at Market Madness a few weeks ago.
Cori's choices are much easier. However his collection of WWII U.S. Navy uniforms is slowly taking over my closet. :)
Cori wearing one of his WWII U.S. Navy uniforms


  1. Hard call, I like (and would wear) all three, but would perhaps veer towards a suit or a Rosie inspired look, as I wouldn't want to risk accidentally soiling a vintage uniform while outdoors at an Apple Festival (wish we had one here, too - the ares such grows enough apples to justify an Apple Fest!).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I think I'm leaning more towards the Rosie look, mainly because of the weather.
    Actually the Apple Festival is being held at our jr high school and not at an orchard. (which I think would be waaay more fun!) It's more of a arts and crafts fair with a fall theme but is always fun to go to. Good food and great place to do some early Christmas shopping.

  3. I'm voting for the suit. I loooove 40s suits. :-)

  4. I vote for the suit, too! I think it's better for the weather than the Rosie, and you'd probably be happier doing the WAVE when you've got all the pieces to do it right. It's amazing how versatile suits are, too. You can easily dress down a basic suit with loafers, too, and heavy stockings, in which case it's just fine to wear in less than perfect weather. ;) I love loafers - such a classic look!

  5. You are right, I think I should hold off on the WAVE uniform until I have all the right pieces. I don't think I could do the persona justice otherwise.
    Looks like I might be loaning my suit to a friend to wear. So "Rosie" it will be! :)


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