Friday, January 11, 2013

Downton Abbey Engagement!!

Green screen photo op! - Photo by Doug Goodman
Great Hair Fridays has been put on hold this week to bring you some very exciting news! 

Cori and I are getting married!! He proposed to me last Saturday at VPT's Experience inspired by Downton Abbey event. I've wanted to post this news all week but Cori and I decided to wait a couple of days before announcing our engagement online. We both felt it was important to inform our close friends and family first either in person or over the phone.

Photo by Doug Goodman
So how did it happened? Well, as part of the evening activities there was a green screen set up for guests to have their pictures taken. There were several different Downton Abbey "backdrops" to pick from. (You can see some of them here.) We were having our pictures taken when Cori ask the photographer to take one more shot. Then he dropped to one knee. What a classy guy!! He told me later that he wanted to propose at some point during the evening but didn't know when or how he was going to do it. Apparently it was the event coordinator who suggested the green screen to Cori. He was in on the big secrete!

Was I surprised you ask? Yes, you could say that!!

Photo by Doug Goodman

Photo by Doug Goodman

This is the moment I realized everyone in the room was watching us! - Photo by Doug Goodman

Cori breathing a big sigh of relief! - Photo by Doug Goodman
I'm so excited that we have photos of this and more so that someone was able to capture the moment on video! FYI - there is no sound to the video below but I think you can figure out what's is being said. :)
No wedding date set yet but I will keep you all up to date on our plans!!

Thank you to photographer Doug Goodman and to VPT for hosting such an amazing event!


  1. Oh, Emily!!!! Congratulations! What a truly special way to propose, with some really unique memories and stories to tell about it! How exciting! :-) Wishing all the best to you both!

    Now the best part will be choosing which century you want your wedding in...;-)

  2. Dear Emily,

    Well, congratulations! You two make a really cool pair. How nice that you had photos of the moment...

    Very best,


  3. Oh how exciting! I love his expression in that final picture!

  4. Congratulations you lucky girl!!

  5. Congratulations, how exciting!

  6. How romantic! Super big congrats!

  7. Thank you everyone!! :D There will be wedding related posts in the future. ;)

  8. That is so, so terrifically wonderful! I'm elated for both of you, and just have to say that this is one of the best dressed proposals I've ever seen (you two look show-stoppingly marvelous!).

    ♥ Jessica


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