Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shop My Closet

Greetings everyone. I finally did it, I've opened a shop on Etsy!! EmilysVintageVisions (Oddly enough the shop name My Vintage Visions was already taken. This is part of the reason I changed my blog name back in the spring.) I wanted to share this good news with everyone here first before making an announcement on my Facebook page. I've opened the shop in part because of my love of vintage and historic sewing. But also because Cori and I need to save some money for our wedding next October. :)

I only have a few things in the shop at the moment but will be adding more items in the near future. Eventually I will be adding some clothing I have made so there will be a mixture of actual vintage and vintage style/inspired items. There are a couple new dresses in the works right now! FYI - If there is any interest in purchasing one of the dresses I made from my vintage patterns and posted about here on my blog, send me a message. I might be willing to part with it.

Lately, I've been going through my collection of vintage and antique stuff and I am forcing myself to part with items that either don't fit or I don't use or wear. The items I currently have listed are perfect examples. The black 1940s Red Cross Company shoes are about a 1/2 size too big otherwise I would be keeping them. :( Some of you may recognize them from the article I wrote on vintage shoes for issue 2 of Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine. The green shoes in the picture below were also featured in my article. Sorry other shoes pictured are not for sale.

1940s Black suede shoes, upper right on Etsy

Black suede shoes by Red Cross shoe company now on Etsy!
I love this 1950s/60s floral frock but sadly it's too small so it has to go! The waist is about 24".

This is perfect for spring!! 1950s/60s floral dress now on Etsy
The last item in my shop is this 1950 cotton skirt. I love it and it fits great but as it has been in my closet for over a year and I have yet to wear it ... so into the shop it goes!

1950s Green Poodle/Sock Hop Skirt
1950s green skirt on Etsy
1950s green skirt on Etsy
As I add additional items to my shop I will post them here. Until I get a handle of selling online I have decided not to ship outside the United States. My apologies to my readers who live outside the U.S. However, if at any time you see something in the shop that you are really interested in purchasing send me message and I will try to figure out a shipping cost.


  1. I love those black Red Cross shoes, I'd swipe them in a heart beat if they were my size. I wish they were an 8 1/2!

  2. Love these black Red Cross shoes! I wish they were an 8 1/2 I'd swipe them in a heart beat!

  3. Oh wow it's barely 7:30 and I'm already shopping! I just purchased your black shoes. I love them! I promise to give them a good home :)


  4. You know, I came across the other "My Vintage Visions" when I opened by Etsy shop and was very confused that she didn't seem to be you!

  5. Black shoes are sold! Thank you Caroline. :)
    Cassidy, I just searched again for that shop on Etsy but can't seem to find it now. Oh well, I like my new name better anyway!


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