Thursday, September 5, 2013

Updates - A Little of this and That

Hello all,
Last week was a busy week of blogging for me. I've read all your wonderful comments about my time traveling adventures. If you missed those posts you and check them out here, here, and here. I also received emails from two of my lovely readers. Thank you! I really enjoy reading your questions and hearing your thoughts on sewing and vintage pretties! Please keep them coming. :) In contrast, my Labor Day weekend was very quite. The only adventure to speak of was checking out a wedding venue the parents. I'm 99% sure its the place but until we sign the contract I'm keeping silent. Don't worry, I'll have a post or two about our wedding preparations soon. :)

I have a few things to tell you about today. I've updated my Resources and Inspiration page with new sources for patterns, vintage clothing, and more! If you know of a blog, shop, or other resource I should list, send me an email and I will be happy to add it.

These are just a few of the shops I've added:

In other news, the pre-order for the newest American Duchess shoe is open. The Claremont is a lovely 1930s style shoe in brown. The pre-order is available until September 22. I'm so happy these are brown!

American Duchess "Claremont" shoe

Need a new hat? The lovely Jessica of Chronically Vintage is hosting a giveaway right now for the chance to win a vintage hat from Blue Rose Vintage. Hop over to her blog to find out how to enter the giveaway.

Blue Rose Vintage.

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. Now those are some timelessly attractive shoes. I adore that they're brown as well - and not just brown, but a rich, elegant coffee bean kind of brown. Smitten! :)

    Thank you very much for blogging about and taking part in CV's Blue Rose Vintage hat giveaway, dear gal. I really appreciate it and wish you the best of luck!

    ♥ Jessica


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