Friday, November 29, 2013

More Wedding Dresses - Shop My Closet Sale

From my early post this week you will see that I have a soft spot for vintage wedding dresses. Silk, satin, lace, it doesn't matter. They are elegant and timeless. And oh the details! It's also no secret that I'm getting married. :) I'm parting with some of my vintage treasures to make some much needed room in my closet but also to help save a little money towards my own wedding. I considered wearing one of these dresses for my own wedding but they are not really what I'm looking for. I want something made of lace, or maybe even velvet, I haven't really made up my mind! I'm a little sad to let the dresses go but the thought of them going to a new home and the possibility of being worn for another gal's wedding is uplifting and exciting.

Both of these dresses have amazing little details that really need to be seen in person.

Dream Wedding - 1940s Ivory Silk Wedding Gown on Etsy
Dream Wedding - 1940s Ivory Silk Wedding Gown on Etsy
1940’s Liquid Satin Wedding Gown on Etsy
My apologies for the odd photos, there was a lot of junk in the background! After some thought I decided to include the wedding dresses in my holiday sale. I only have a few items in the shop and it seemed a little silly not to include them. Enter the code THANKS20 to save 20%. Holiday sale ends December 10th. (U.S. shipping only, sorry.) Look for new additions to the shop soon! As a special thank you to all of my blog followers, share any item in my shop on your blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, etc. and leave me a comment letting me know and I will create a special code for you to shop and save in the future!


  1. Such beautiful dresses. One of the things I love about vintage wedding dresses are the button up details. These dresses are in beautiful condition. I bet even the second one could be worn for an evening dress.

  2. I think the buttons are one of my favorite details on these gowns! My wedding gown will have buttons down the back.


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