Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Shoe Spectacle - Green 40s Wedges

I debated saving these pictures for another time but seeing how I missed last week's Sunday Shoe Spectacle  post, I figured why not share them now!

I had the chance to visit the historic Park McCullough House again. It's where Cori and I had our wedding. They site was having their annual open house and we thought it would be a great chance to tour the house again. When we were looking at the site as our wedding location we did tour the house and grounds but we didn't take many pictures beyond what we needed to plan our big day. It was really wonderful to be able to view everything again. On this trip I did take LOTS of pictures, but you will have to wait for another post to see them. :)

My dress some of you may remeber as my birthday dress from 2014. It's made from a combination of two vintage sewing patterns. You can read my sewing post about the dress here.

But now the shoes! I've been wearing my green Kiki wedges by B.A.I.T. from Royal Vintage Shoes just about everyday now that it's warm outside. These are one of the nicest pairs of 1940s inspired wedges I've found.

Here is what they look like right out of the box. You also get a peak at the fabric I used to make a late 1930s dress. (It's a reproduction print too!)

The Kiki style have a nice 2" wedge, which as the desription reads, are very practical and comfortable. I can wear these all day with out any issues. The straps are also adjustable. Did I mention they also come in mustard yellow?? Be still my heart! Yes, I have a pair on my wish list! Ha! Wedges were very popular in the 1940s. These look really great with my 30s/40s clothing but are cute with jeans and other modern clothing too. I think they go really well with my violets dress. :)

I think the color of these shoes should be called "grass green." What do you think? :) Don't forget to have a look through my Etsy shop. Everything is 20% off until May 31st with the code "BIRTHDAYSALE." I'm also hosting a vintage goodies prize package giveaway. Get the details here!

Outfit Details
Dress - Made by Me
Belt and Cardigan - Thrifted

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  1. Gorgeous colour green!! Good choice. Lovely backdrop for these photos xx

    1. Thanks! It was wonderful getting to visit out wedding venue again!

  2. That dress is so pretty, this spring I've been drawn to lilac and violet prints. :) And your hair is so pretty down! I don't recall seeing it like this before, and it is wonderful. Also very pretty in the Memorial Day photo I just saw on your Facebook.

  3. Agreed, they're thoroughly grass coloured and such a classic, versatile shade. Love the classic style, too, and think they look smashing on you, sweet gal.

    Big hugs & joyful first weekend of June wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I just ordered these shoes myself. Nice to see them with such a pretty outfit. I was planning a more casual 1940s outfit to go with them, but you've given me more options. Thanks!


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