Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!

Hello everyone and happy 4th of July!! Today I'm finally sharing some photos from the Great Boston Vintage Society's Art Deco Weekend that took place back in May. Yes, I'm a little behind in my photo sharing but that's what happens when life gets busy. You can read a review of the weekend here, and in my next posts I'll share more details too.

The photos I'm sharing today are actually from the last day of the event but as my outfit is rather patriotic, and today is July 4th, I thought I'd share them first.

I'm really pleased with how this whole outfit came together. All the materials came from the stash and it's always a nice feeling when you can complete a project knowing it didn't cost much to make. The blouse was made using my favorite pattern, Du Barry 5172. I've used it several times before but I absolutely love it! And if you have a pattern that you know will fit really well, why not use it again and again? :)

The pinafore is something really new for me. I sort of feel like it's too "young" for me but I still like it. I used McCall 5014. The bid attaches with buttons so it's versatile which is another reason I like it. And it has pockets!!

I also had the opportunity to wear a new hat that I purchased through one of the many Facebook vintage buy/sell pages. The ribbon is faded and could stand to be replaced and there are a few moth nibbles but it's still an awesome hat!

I'm still building my Bakelite collection but I was really happy to finally add blue and white bracelets! If you are searching for specific colors have a look at the shop BrighterBakelite on Etsy. They were recommended to me by a friend and I think they have a nice selection and the shipping is fast.

These photos were taken at The Breakers, the Vanderbilt Mansion in Newport, RI. This place was AMAZING!!! Almost overwhelming really, but a pristine example of the wealth and extravagance of the Gilded Age. After touring the mansion I can clearly see why that period of American history was given that name.

Outfit Details
Blouse - Made by me, Du Barry 5172
Pinafore - Made by me, McCall 5014
Hat - Facebook buy/sell page
Bakelite Bangles - Red from Stone Village Antiques, white and blue from BrighterBakelite
Shoes - Curio Vintage
Pins, Purse - Thrifted


  1. This has got to be my favorite outfit I've ever seen of yours!!! :) It is SO pretty on you, and suits you very well. I just love that dress, and I think it looks very age-appropriate, really. Absolutely gorgeous! The blouse is lovely as well, and the hat......oh my. ;)

    Thanks for sharing!! Happy Independence Day!!

    1. Aww thank you so much Esther! The pinafore look is really growing on me, I might need to make another. :)

  2. Well isn't this a fun outfit! I love the overall shape and color! What a sweet thing and it is perfect to post on the Birthday of our country! Brava!

    1. Thanks Gina! These photos were actually taken over Memorial Day weekend but I thought the color scheme worked well for a 4th of July post. :)

  3. Happy Fourth! I'm glad the weekend was fun, it's great to see some pictures :) We were out of town, but I do love Newport! (And you look adorable--your hats/hair are always impressive.)

  4. Oh that is such a great hat! I love the cutouts around the brim. So cute! Love the pinafore too.

  5. Such a lovely outfit, you look beautiful x


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