Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More 1940s Beachwear - About the Photo Location

Thanks everyone for your awesome feedback on my beachwear post. I highly recommend the Wearing History pattern, it was fast and easy to put together!

So, I promised here is a post about my photo location. This post is intended more as a behind the scenes look then a continuation of my pattern review. Cori's mom grew up in Massachusetts and spent a lot of time near the coast. We like to visit there as often as we can too. These photos were taken on the 4th of July during low tide in the salt marsh near the family's camp.

The picture above is one of my favorite pictures from the shoot. But what you don't see are the pink rubber boots I'm wearing underneath my skirt! At high tide this whole area is pretty much under water and impossible to reach on foot. With caution you can walk out into the marsh when the tide is out but rubber boots are a must. Otherwise you will have very wet and muddy feet.

Oh the silliness! 
I love this photo too. :) You can also see behind me just how high the water gets when the tide comes in.
No matter what time of day or season of the year, salt marshes are a beautiful location to visit. They are full of all kinds of birds and other wildlife. Many marshes are designated as wildlife preserves and offer beautiful walking trails and information about the birds and other animals that can be found there.

Sunset over the salt marsh
And during the mid day sunshine

The area we visited doesn't have any trails and I don't recommend walking through a salt marsh unless you have a guide or know the area well yourself. As I've said my husband's family has a camp near here so he's very familiar with the area. His grandparents lived there for many years and spent many summers fishing and digging for clams.

My salt marsh guide

This is why you need a guide! One of the dangers of some salt marshes are the drainage ditches. Back in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries farmers would cut the salt grass to use a feed for their animals. In order to do that they cut long deep trenches through the marshes so during the low tides it would be easier to cut the salt hay. Some of these are very wide and very deep! For more information about salt hay I recommend checking out this article from Stories from Ipswich. There are even some old post cards and other images that show the haying process.

Walking through this part of the salt march always reminds me of the dead marshes from Lord of the Rings. During the hot summer these tidal pools can be very stinky.

OK, a few more shots of the finished outfit. Just because I'm so happy with how it turned out. I brushed out my pin curls but they barely lasted long enough for a few photos. It was so hot and humid!


  1. Haha, the boots with that outfit make quite a statement! It just goes to show how curated a photo shoot can be. :) I also find salt marshes to be beautiful. Thanks for the extra pictures!


  2. Haha, yes that's very true! I did take the boots off for some photos but I definitely needed to wear them for walking around.


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