Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Shoe Spectacle - New Styles from American Duchess

Hello my lovely readers. My apologies for a lack of posts this month. I have been dealing with some lower back issues that have made sitting at a computer (for work or fun) rather uncomfortable. This last week I spent more time laying on the floor with an ice pack on my pack than I care to admit. Ah well, slowly on the mend but it doesn't seam fast enough.

Anyway, it's been a while since my last Sunday Shoe Spectacle post. Today I thought I would share about the pre-order happening right now at American Duchess. They are offer THREE new styles for three different time periods.

Up first are the Renoir Civil War button boots in black. For those of you who are into Civil War or Victorian era reenacting, these look like a good option. They are all leather and have real functional buttons. This style also comes in cream, but it's just the black that are offered right now at the lower pre-order price.

Photo from American Duchess
The next style are ones I'm very excited about as an 18th century reenactor. The Fraser, yes named after the character from Outlander, is an early to mid 18th century style leather shoe. This style is perfect 1700 to 1760. Ladies who reenact the French and Indian war, I'm looking at you here! What makes the Frasers so unique is the white rand - that little white strip of leather between inner and outer soles of the shoes - and the dog leg seams. Both are something you see on earlier 18th shoes. To my knowledge, no one offers shoes like this unless you are ordering a custom made pair. (Check out Sara Juniper's shoes for examples.) Seriously, take advantage of the savings here. Oh, and they also come in ivory, which I believe is dyable. For more information on the Frasers and the research behind them check out the AD blog post here .

Photo from American Duchess
And last but not least, the Londoners! OH MY YES!! Offered in two very different colors, these Edwardian style oxfords are truly an awesome looking pair of shoes. Again, real leather, cool details and a nice Louis style heel. I ask what's not to love here?! My understanding is that because the patina is added my hand, the coloring on each pair of shoes with vary a little bit. You can read more about the Londoners and the research behind them here.

Photo from American Duchess
If you like videos, have a look and listen to this one where Lauren and Abby share more about these shoes. The pre-order for all three of these styles ends November 1st.  

Disclaimer: I'm an affiliate for AD and earn a tiny commission if you make a purchase using any of the links I share.


  1. As someone currently typing one-handed, with a very painful shoulder, I can sympathize! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. That is good to know. A friend of mine is helping me make a civil war era dress. If I get much involved with this, I might have to buy me a pair of shoes!



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