Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Events Recap - Or What I Haven't Blogged About Until Now! Part 1

This week's posts are going to be a bit of catching up. Warning, there will be LOTS of photos!! Originally I thought of writing just one big post but quickly realized it was going to be just too big. So two posts! The last few months my blog has taken a backseat between ordinary life, lower back issues, and well, a lack of motivation to sit and write. I normally try and write a couple posts at a time and schedule them to appear on a certain day, as I had been doing with my Sunday Shoe Spectacle series. But lately it's been a struggle to do that. I have so many things I want to blog about, but thinking and doing are too different things. These things happen to the best of us as I'm sure many of you have experienced from time to time.

I've already blogged about the GBVS's Art Deco Weekend and Roaring 20s Lawn Party but have not blogged about the other events I attended this year. So that's what I will be doing in this two part post.

For the third year in a row, Cori and I attended the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's WWII Weekend. (read about past years here.) This year we camped with our reenacting unit. They portray U.S. Marines and Navy pilots on Wake Island prior to the Japanese attack in 1941. We invested in a period wall tent last year and the expense has been more than worth it! I love being able to stay over night on site when we go to living history events. The early mornings when the camp is just waking up and the public has yet to arrive is my favorite time.

This event is three full days including two USO style dances Friday and Saturday nights so a few changes of clothes are required. This year I wore a few pieces that have become staples in my vintage wardrobe, namely my brown linen pants (Simplicity 1306) two new blouses made from my go to pattern, Du Barry 5172 and my Red Birds dress. All my blouses mix and match really well with the pants and skirt. The peach colored blouse you see below was made from vintage 1940s fabric that I found on Etsy and vintage buttons from my stash. The fabric has little eagle on it, I love it!

This spring a took the leap and decided to try a vintage style hair cut. No layers at this time but I asked the stylist cut my hair in that classic 40s U shape. What a difference it has made this year when trying out vintage up-dos!  This particular up-do was a 30s/40s inspired look that I first attempted at the Art Deco Weekend. I think it came out a little better this time around. The style still needs some work by I'm pretty happy with it. The hairnet, which you can hardly see, really helped keep everything in place and tidy during the day.

After Emileigh of Flashback Summer posted about her super cute suspender skirt, I instantly wanted something similar. Instead of making a whole new skirt I simply added straps to my blue linen skirt (Du Barry 5276) They fasten with snaps to the inside of the waistband so they are easily removable to create different looks! 

I really wanted to make a matching bolero but didn't have enough blue fabric left over. I wore the updated skirt with my "Red Dots" blouse, (another version of Du Barry 5172) a new to me vintage hat and Victory pins. It's basically the same outfit as this one but with different accessories. :)

Photo by Neal Howland, please do not copy
Close up of two of my new-ish Victory pins. Photo by Neal Howland, please do not copy
I wore my Red Birds dress again which is still one of my all time vintage makes. It's all cotton so it's cool and comfortable even in hot weather.

My WAVES dress blues and new white blouse made their debut at this event. I chose to wear them for the dances during the evening because it was too hot for a wool uniform during the day. I was kind of nervous about wearing an original uniform but I really enjoyed it. I'll be blogging more about the uniform later on and my feelings about wearing it.

My WAVES impression is of an aviation mechanic. The rate on my sleeve is for a Petty Officer First Class. These photos were inspired by original images of WAVES at work.

On Sunday, the last day of the event I wore my WAVES aviation mechanics working attire. My friend Sara of the Canteen Cowboy snapped this photo of me.

In all the photos I'm wearing my favorite go to lip color, Red Velvet from Besame. I'm already planning outfits for next year's WWII weekend!!

Well, that's all for this post. Stay tuned for more this week.


  1. Emily, I can't stand how cute you are!! And ahhh I can't wait to read up on your thoughts of wearing a WAVES uniform. I always love reading about your reenacting adventures, they make me smile <3

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

    1. Thank you Carla, you're so sweet!! I'm planning a couple WAVES-related posts so be search to watch for those in the New Year.

  2. I really missed Reading this year, and your WAVE outfit is awesome! You look great! I really look forward to hearing your thoughts on original uniform wearing.


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