Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Union Station - Deployment December 1942

I am SOOOO excited to share these photos with all of you today! This photo shoot with Joan Jasset of A Timeless Collection had been in the works for literally months!!! Lots of planning, scouting locations and coordinating schedules with everyone involved but I think it all came together beautifully! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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The inspiration for this particular photo shoot came from at set of photos originally published in Life Magazine in 1943. They were taken by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt at the Pennsylvania Station in New York. One of Eisenstaedt's most famous photos is the VJ Day kiss in Times Square. You all know the one.

We wanted to recreate that same feeling, of soldiers and sailors leaving for war that Eisenstaedt captured in his now iconic photos. Union Station in Worcester, Mass was the perfect location. It had the right look and feel of the era we wanted and, for the most part, was a central location for all of us to meet up.

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Photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt at the Pennsylvania Station in New York 1943
Union Station c. 1920 - Photo from Wikipedia
Union Station, Worcester MA.jpg
Photo from Wikipedia 
We had five couples participate in the shoot, including my husband and myself. Most, but not all of us, are couples in real life so it made for an interesting and very fun photo session. Some people had only met a few time before and one of our couple had never dressed up in vintage or participated in something like this before. We all came to the shoot with different backgrounds and ideas and it all came together beautifully!

We talked quiet a bit ahead of time about the feelings and emotions we wanted to show through in the final photos. What would it be like as a young couple or newly weds saying good-bye for the first time? How does the married couple react to yet another deployment? What happens with the husband and wife who are both in the service? What do friends and family say and feel during what might be your final moments with a loved one?

Although there were ten of us dressed up, the space we were working in was massive! Anyone passing through the train station at the time likely wondered what the heck we were doing because we spent a good chuck of time milling around so that close up shots of couples had that "busy station" ambiance in the background. I'm sure we looked rather silly at times to the outside eye. If you watched my Instagram story the day of the photo shoot you got to see a little of this.

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Joan took charge of the photo session but we were very fortunate to have two additional friends, Neal Howland and Thuy Pham taking some photos and video for us as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they create with their video footage.

I think these are my favorite couple photos from the session.

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The weather cooperated so we were able to take some photos outside! It was wonderful having a group of sailors, normally it's just Cori and myself. I chose to wear my WAVES uniform to put a twist on the married couple saying goodbye. One of the things Timeless is working on is building a story of individuals and couples as they "travel through time." In our very first photo session with Timeless Cori wore his Navy blues and I wore a 1940s suit. We looked at the Union Station photos as a continuation of "our story" during WWII.

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We couldn't resist to opportunity to take some fun photos as well.

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You can see the entire selection of photos from the Union Station - Deployment 1942 session on Facebook. I would love to hear your thoughts on these photos and if you have ideas for future photo shoots with A Timeless Collection. If you are in the New England area don't hesitate to contact Joan.


  1. Fantastic group of pics, nostalgic and sensitive.

    1. Thank you so much! We had a lot of fun creating these images.


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