Tuesday, September 10, 2019

2018 in Review

Sooooo, this post has been sitting in my draft folder since January. Not sure why I never completed it. Oh well! Better late then never I suppose! My blog has been sadly neglected this year so I figured a post of some sort was long over due. For more regular posts and updates, follow me on Instagram.
I felt like I hadn't really created much in 2018, but after compiling this list it seems I sewed I lot more than I thought! So here's a quick recap of 2018.

I finished quite a few things that had been languishing in the UFO pile and listed them either in Etsy or on Facebook. Check them out here!

From the UFO pile of past years - 1940s pinafore with rickrack trim
Cherry print pinafore
Asian print 40s dress
purple and white 40s dress
2 bolero jackets
green 40s pants and bolero
pink 40s Scottie dog blouse

My bigger sew-to-sell projects included these 1920s inspired headbands using vintage trims, several self-tying 1940s turban and TWO pairs of 1930s beach pajamas using the awesome Wearing History pattern.

Wish I knew her name! A lovely customer wearing one of my headpieces!

As for sewing projects for myself I made (or finished from the UFO pile) the following in 2018.

1920s velvet dress
1940s blue silk tap pants
Helped Erin with her 1940s dress
1770s silk gown - 90% complete
1930s beach pajamas
1940s wool plaid Du Barry dress
Repaired a vintage evening dress for Reading dance
Red/green plaid skirt - 90% complete

Events in 2018
Northeast Reenactors Fair
GBVS White Lightning Ball - made dress
Timeline Orange, Mass- WAVES and plane spotters
Mid Atlantic Air Show in Reading, Pa
LHA Timeline - WAVES
Strawberry Banke Timeline -WAVES
1920s lawn party
D-Day Ohio
Fort 4

Union Station photo shoot with A Timeless Collection
Battle of the Bulge shoot with A Timeless Collection
18th century shoot with A Timeless Collection

Sewing goals for 2019

New mid 18th century stays - Started but no where near finished as now September 2019
One new 18th century gown to go with stays - I've actually started two new gowns, one cotton and one wool. You can see my progress so far over on IG.
19teens corset - Cut out a mock up but that project is on hold for now.

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