Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Some Things I Want to Sew ....

There are lots of things I wanted to work on this summer but with wedding plans and moving into a new house, pretty much everything non wedding/packing related was moved to the back burner. I'm still working on setting up my sewing room so I don't know how much I'll be doing until I have a good working space. But that doesn't mean I have to stop planning projects does it? ;) In no particular order, here are some of the projects I've been dreaming about lately.

A matching hat and purse. Maybe red and white? I've always love this image from Vogue!

THIS outfit for a Christmas party!! I've always adored this image. OK, so this one might actually happen sooner then the rest. Anyone know a good source for blouse weight black and white polka dot fabric?

Pajamas!!! Butterick 7153 will be perfect. I used the pattern to make a pair of beach pajamas this summer. (seen here) Now I just need to wait for Renaissance Fabrics to restock their silk-faced satin in Marine Blue. Still looking for a pair of those Daniel Green slippers in my size. The shoes below sold on Etsy for only $45.00!! And of course they were my size and of course I only saw them AFTER they sold. :( If anyone finds a pair like theses please, please let me know!!!

The blue pjs were listed for sale on one of the Facebook vintage market pages. The shoes sold on Ets.

More vintage separates! Specifically blouses and pants. I love making dresses but I find I don't wear them as much as I would like to. Separates are more versatile and allow for mixing and matching. I will certainly use Hollywood 1530 and Simplicity 1306 again but I'd like to give the Simplicity pattern below a try too.  

I have two 1920s dress in my collection that someday I'd like to reproduce. The originals are so frail they are really only good for study. One of my blogging goals for next year is to create a series of posts showing some of my vintage and antique garments. I've shown a few things here and there but I'd like to make this a regular addition to my blog. The plan is to take detailed photos and maybe create a few sketches to show what pattern pieces might look like. I'm no artist but hopefully they are be useful to someone. My 1920s dresses will be the easiest of the group to draw but mainly because dresses from that decade tend to be created from squares and rectangles. :)

And speaking of the 1920s, at some point I really need to make a decent 1920s dress. I've been going to more events that require a good day dress that can be worn outside. I've used the pattern below to make a blouse (seen here) but a dress made in a nice light weight cotton or even in linen would be wonderful for summer.

So what sewing projects have you been dreaming about?
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