Monday, March 31, 2014

New Items and a Spring Sale

Hi all! I'm back from the 1920s White Lightning event and what an awesome event it was too! I'll have a post with lots of pictures coming up later in the week. I'm also working on my Sew for Victory project so stay tuned for that as well. :But first I wanted to let you all know that I've added a few more things on Etsy AND I'm having another spring sale. I know I just had one but I decided to extend it until April 12th.

Use the code "SPRINGTIME" to save 20% until April 12th! This includes recently added items. Right now I'm only shipping to U.S. addresses. However, if you are an international shopper and see something you really want send me a message and I will look into international shipping rates for you.

This is a nice home-made dress trimmed in pink and green ribbon. So sweet. I believe it was used for square dancing as the skirt is very full. It's really pretty with or without a crinoline under the skirt.

Springtime Delight Pink and Green Dress
 How cute is this print? It has strawberries and acorns!

Strawberry and Acorn Print Dress
Strawberry and Acorn Print Dress
This is a dress that needs to be viewed in person to really be appreciated. It does look a bit frumpy on the hanger. It's has a really cute 1960s does 1920s feel and the velvet ribbon belt and trim matches the print so well. It's made from a lovely lightweight cotton that would be perfect for any garden party.

Garden Party Pink Floral Frock
This is another dress that is much cuter in person. It's an extra large and didn't fit my dress form. I love the little covered buttons and alternating panels in the skirt. This was used for square dancing so the skirt is very full.

Pretty in Pink 1950s Prom Dress

Monday, March 24, 2014

1920s White Lightning Ball - Who's Going?

Hi everyone! I'm really excited to share with you a vintage style event taking place this weekend. The White Lightning Ball will be taking place at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. The last I heard there were only a few ticket left! There will be live music, games, dancing - including a Charleston contest - vintage vendors, and of course lots of cool classic cars. Will any of you be going? I'd love to meet up for a group photo.

I've been working to put together something special to wear for the event but I'm keeping it a secret. Sorry! I have almost everything I need except one key piece. If the outfit doesn't work out then I will be wearing my engagement dress, which I might bring along anyway as a back up to change into. I don't know how comfortable my secret outfit will be to wear all night.

I can share a couple teaser photos. Here's a trial run for my hair. It has been ages since my last attempt at finger waves (not an easy task with long hair) and I didn't want to wait until the last minute to figure out what I was going to do. I used my wave clips over the weekend and had promising results. (Please pardon the crummy cell phone photos.) Only the front part of my hair is waved. The remained of my hair is rolled and pinned at the back of my neck. The style is based off the examples seen here.

After this weekend I'll be diving into my Sew For Victory project. I think I've decided on this pattern. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Day Left!

As I mentioned at the begining of the month, I've been going through my vintage stuff trying to figure out what to keep and what I can part with. I've accumulated a lot over the last couple years, and not all of it I can wear or use for living history events. It's time to pass these things them on to someone else who can give them a loving home. (Please don't be shy about making an offer if you are really interested in something.)

Tomorrow is the last day of my spring sale. I have some other items that I could list but I'm holding off for the moment. I'm hesitant to go ahead and list a bunch of items at once as I'm not ready to turn this into a real business. I'm just hoping to make some much needed space in my closet and a little extra money for my wedding. :)

All items can be found here on Etsy
Things to list in the future will probably include; a couple 1970s cotton wrap skirts, shoes, and a few 40s/50s dresses that are too big for me. (A few teaser photos below) I'm also thinking of parting with some of the vintage dresses I've made in the last year or so. Not sure yet which ones but I will keep you posted. ;)

1950s cotton dress, large size
late 1940/early 1950s print dress, large size
1950s cotton dress, large size

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Killer 1940s Suits

I'm constantly saving images of historical and vintage clothing. Today I have some absolutely killer 1940s suits to share. 

This first one is a real treat for sure. I love the little grapes - or are they cherries? - on the jacket. Pictures of this suit are definitely being saved for a future project.

1940s Green and White Suit - Source Ebay
1940s Green and White Suit - Source Ebay
1940s Green and White Suit - Source Ebay
This one has a nice western feel don't you think? It isn't my style but I thought it was a neat piece. I believe it's linen and the one above is either wool or rayon.

1940s Brown and Pink Suit - Source Ebay
1940s Brown and Pink Suit - Source Ebay
This Lilli Ann suit offered by The Cats Pajamas was available back around Christmas time, not sure if it's still for sale. I love the diamond pattern.

Vintage Ladies Wool Gab Suit 1940s Lilli Ann Gray/ Black Diamond Peplum
Be sure to check out these killer beaded suits on Etsy too! Swoon! The first one for sale by Fab Gabs is making the rounds on Facebook. No beads but the little red accents are great!

Vintage 1940s Suit - Grey Pinstripe Suit with Velvet Bows - Carefree
Vintage 1940s Suit - Grey Pinstripe Suit with Velvet Bows - Source Fab Gabs on Etsy
Source Etsy
Beaded Burgundy Jacket and Skirt Wool  - Source Etsy

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This is What He Does on Weekends

Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile now will recognize Cori and will know that he enjoys dressing up as much as I do. We often attend living history events and reenactments together which is more fun then going on my own. It's not all that unusual to come home and find him wearing some part of one of his uniforms. Cori loves his navy Dixie cup hat and dungarees, although lately he has been wearing his reproduction WWI British service dress cap around the house. He just ordered a full reproduction uniform, complete with boots and all the gear, for a WWI portrayal. Because, clearly, we need another time period to reenact ....

Anyway, we have been working on putting together a WWII era navy shore patrol uniform. There are still a couple things missing; the black and white SP (shore patrol) armband for example. These are some photos we took last fall when it was still nice and warm outside.

Research is key!
Playing dress up Navy style
We wanted to try and duplicate some WWII era recruiting posters. The first is a poster from 1939 illustrated by McClelland Barclay. The second was illustrated by C. Carleton. I couldn't find any additional information.

And here are the results. Not too bad but I'd like to redo the democracy one at some point in the future.

Here's a peak at some of his uniforms. The plastic tote is not ideal at all for textile storage but works for right now. Some time I will twist Cori's arm into writing a guest post or two. He could tell you way more about his uniform collection then I can. There are pieces that date from WWI up to the 1970s.

Uniforms in storage.
Non-regulation "Liberty" uniform. I think this one is 1950s, not sure.
And a few more pictures just for fun. :)

This one is one of my favorites from the group. The sea bag is a reproduction but the uniform is all original 1940s vintage.

Ready for shore leave!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Vogue Patterns, March 1944

Today I have for you some colorful pattern inspirations from a Vogue catalog dated March 1944. This pattern book sold on Ebay awhile back. I wish the pictures were a little better but they still give you a pretty good idea. Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is This Your Dream Dress?

Update 3/11/14 - Spring Sale! I really need to make some space in my closet (and a little money for my wedding) so I'm having a sale. Use the coupon code "SPRINGTIME" and save 20% between now and March 20, 2014.

I finally got around to taking some decent photos of my satin wedding gowns. I've posted a whole album to my Facebook page which you can view here. I'd like to share a few highlight photos here. These wedding gowns are just gorgeous in person, even with their little flaws here and there.

1940s Beaded Bow Wedding Gown
Please pardon the vacuum cleaner and other junk in the background! These gowns took up a lot of room and it was hard to get a good shot without some stuff showing up in the pictures.

1940s Beaded Bow Wedding Gown
1940s Beaded Bow Wedding Gown
I really like this shot looking up from the end of the train.

1940s Beaded Bow Wedding Gown
 This lovely gown does have some condition issues. I'm told this gown came from a woman in Vermont whose mother wore it for her wedding in Boston in 1941. Apparently the train had been longer. The story goes that just before the ceremony the train was shortened to accommodate the bride’s father who was having difficultly walking his daughter down the aisle. There is some soiling around the hem but that should come out with dry cleaning.

Vermont Liquid Satin Wedding Gown
 There are a few slips seams in the bodice but those are an easy fix.

Vermont Liquid Satin Wedding Gown
Vermont Liquid Satin Wedding Gown
Vermont Liquid Satin Wedding Gown
This one is not listed but will be in the future. :) It needs a little TLC but the details on this are so lovely. If you simply can not wait for the listing send me a message and I'll gladly email you the details for this gown. I have two more satin wedding gowns still waiting to photographed - another killer 1940s gown with bead work, long train and peplum bodice and a really nice 1930s bias cut gown.

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