Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1920s Beach Party

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go to not one, but two really fun vintage events. The Greater Boston Vintage Society's second Roaring 20s Lawn Party and a 1920s beach party. As noted in an earlier post, the lawn party was postponed by a week because of bad weather. Part of the weekend was still sunny so Cori and I took are friends Jen and Julia to see a polo match. And of course we dressed up. :) The weekend the lawn party was held the weather still looked a bit gloomy but actually turned out to be very nice. It was not as hot as it was last year.

Photo by Devon Kurtz
On the morning of the event a small group of us gathered at a public beach near the Crane Estate. The water was cold but some of the guys decided to go for a swim any way! I should note that all the guys were wearing wool bathing suits!

I'm disappointed in my own beach attire but with so much going on lately I just ran out of time to make what I really wanted. I did mange to finish a pair of beach pants so I just wore those with a modern tank top. It looks vintage-y enough in the photos but if there is a beach party planned for next year I will strive to do better. The pants were made using this pattern. (I plan on make the whole PJ set this winter.)

How many people can you fit in a changing tent?
Jenn and I waded through the water and gathered hermit crabs. She is wearing the brown dress I made for last year's lawn party.
Julia keeping warm. Many thanks to her for taking the bulk of these photos. :)
I will be posting a few photos from the lawn party soon. Until then enjoy a few fun and silly photos from the beach party. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Red Brids, Brown Birds - Guess What I Found?!

Remember my Red Birds Dress made using McCall 5724? Remember too how I said I had seen the same fabric in a different colorway but could remember where? Well, I did some more searching online and finally found the picture of that fabric!! Yeah! :)

It's only a small piece and it appears to have some damage, BUT it's still awesome to see! :) I love seeing "vintage twins." It's listed for sale over at Laurel Leaf Farm. I'm temped to buy it but it's only 35" wide x 1 yard. Not sure if I'd be able to squeeze a blouse out of that or not...

Brown Birds! - source
Here is my dress fabric. :)

See the finished dress here. :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Vintage Bridal Shower

Hello again everyone! A few weeks ago my family and friends hosted a bridal shower for me. I shared a few pictures on Facebook but I thought I would give everyone a proper look here. My bridesmaids and my sisters did an outstanding job putting everything together. The food was amazing and the weather was just perfect!

My favorite girls! These are my former roommates from college. Flossie, Lauren, Jill and Monica
A special thank you to Kris Jarrett of Kris Jarrett Photography and Media Production for taking photos. Kris will also be taking our wedding photos.

Knowing how much I love vintage and historic fashions, the girls planned a vintage garden party themed shower. The guests were asked to dress up and wear hats. :) 

Cori and I with my bridesmaids!
My sisters and I. There are five siblings but my brother wasn't at the shower. 
I really enjoyed seeing all the things the girls used to decorate. Including the little orange chair they managed to sneak out of my bed room. They even used my mom's wedding dress.

This was my mother's wedding dress. :)
My mom made pin cushions to use for party favors. What a fun idea! 

I wore a vintage dress that I believe was made in the 1950s or early 60s. It was a little bit big for me so I had to take it in. It could still use some minor adjustments. My flower clip was made by Monica. She makes all kinds of super cute hair accessories. (Check out her Facebook page Cutie Clips and More.) I keep telling her she needs to open an Etsy shop.

Pink is one of my least favorite colors yet for some reason I love pink flamingos. Does anyone remember the scene from Alice and Wonderland where she plays croquet with the Queen using flamingos and a hedgehog? It's been a long running joke since college, I have no idea how it started. But my friend Monica gave me a pair of lawn flamingos and a stuffed hedgehog at the shower. She also gave me a real croquet set.

Much silliness ensued as I'm sure you can image. Our gamed was more like lawn hockey then croquet. That poor stuffed hedgehog!

I might have cheated just a little bit. ;)

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