Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1920s Beach Party

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go to not one, but two really fun vintage events. The Greater Boston Vintage Society's second Roaring 20s Lawn Party and a 1920s beach party. As noted in an earlier post, the lawn party was postponed by a week because of bad weather. Part of the weekend was still sunny so Cori and I took are friends Jen and Julia to see a polo match. And of course we dressed up. :) The weekend the lawn party was held the weather still looked a bit gloomy but actually turned out to be very nice. It was not as hot as it was last year.

Photo by Devon Kurtz
On the morning of the event a small group of us gathered at a public beach near the Crane Estate. The water was cold but some of the guys decided to go for a swim any way! I should note that all the guys were wearing wool bathing suits!

I'm disappointed in my own beach attire but with so much going on lately I just ran out of time to make what I really wanted. I did mange to finish a pair of beach pants so I just wore those with a modern tank top. It looks vintage-y enough in the photos but if there is a beach party planned for next year I will strive to do better. The pants were made using this pattern. (I plan on make the whole PJ set this winter.)

How many people can you fit in a changing tent?
Jenn and I waded through the water and gathered hermit crabs. She is wearing the brown dress I made for last year's lawn party.
Julia keeping warm. Many thanks to her for taking the bulk of these photos. :)
I will be posting a few photos from the lawn party soon. Until then enjoy a few fun and silly photos from the beach party. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Red Brids, Brown Birds - Guess What I Found?!

Remember my Red Birds Dress made using McCall 5724? Remember too how I said I had seen the same fabric in a different colorway but could remember where? Well, I did some more searching online and finally found the picture of that fabric!! Yeah! :)

It's only a small piece and it appears to have some damage, BUT it's still awesome to see! :) I love seeing "vintage twins." It's listed for sale over at Laurel Leaf Farm. I'm temped to buy it but it's only 35" wide x 1 yard. Not sure if I'd be able to squeeze a blouse out of that or not...

Brown Birds! - source
Here is my dress fabric. :)

See the finished dress here. :)

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