Sunday, July 24, 2016

Vintage Boudoir Slippers with Ribbon Rosettes

I wasn't sure what I was going to post about for today's Sunday Shoe Spectacle post. But then these shoes arrived in the mail this week! How adorable! The color, the cording rosettes!!! So similar to my candy striped pair ......
And sadly, due to a listing error on the part of the seller, I discovered they are too small for my feet. Ugh! Sadness!!!! So, into the shop they go. And after photographing them I thought, why not blog about them along with my striped pair.
Marked Saks Fifth Avenue, Debutante Fashions Keystone Gay Step. 6 N - Listing here

I believe the beautiful blue Saks Fifth Ave boudoir slippers are from the 1940s or possibly early 1950s. They are an absolutely gorgeous shade of royal blue with matching blue silk ribbon cording rosettes! I loves these so much, why don't they fit!?!? I love seeing them side by side with my striped boudoir slippers. How cool is that pom pom ribbon trim? You can see me wearing the striped pair in this post from last fall
The striped pair are marked "Created by Jerro, New York" and "The Fair, Ft. Worth." They need a good cleaning but I'm not sure how to do that so I've left alone and enjoy wearing them as is.

More close ups of the blue rosettes! By the way, you can save 10% on these by using the code BLOGFAN at check out. :)

Overall the blue slippers are in very good and very wearable shape, though they do have some storage marks. Not really sure how to clean faille fabric but I think they could be cleaned. But if you are wearing these with a long flowing dressing gown, no one is going to notice. 

The soles have minor wear which I find normal for shoes that are only worn indoors. And the leather heel caps are almost perfect.

These are rather narrow and are marked 6 N, which should have been a clue to me that they wouldn't work. But the seller stood by their measurements which made them seem like they would fit my feet. Ah well. They will live together with my other pom pom slippers until they have a new home. Maybe yours? ;)

Also, just for fun check out this pair of striped slippers that sold from FabGabs. They are almost identical to mine except for the heel strap. Do you own any vintage boudoir slippers? I would love to see them!
Sold by FabGabs

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer 1926. Butterick Quarterly Fashion Pattern Book

The Greater Boston Vintage Society's annual Roaring 20's Lawn Party will be here before we know it! Are you planning to attend? Do you need some last minute inspiration for your lawn party outfit? Well, have a look at the illustrations in this 1926 summer addition of this Butterick Quarterly Fashion Pattern Book.

Source - Ebay
From beach attire to formal wear for both ladies and young girls, this pattern book has you covered! I particularly like the green/white and red/white dresses on the cover. You don't often see or think about polka dots in the 1920s but there they are!

Source - Ebay
Source - Ebay
Source - Ebay
There are even some tips on what fabrics to pick for wearing during hot weather! And do I see pajamas's? Why yes, I do!

Source - Ebay
So which outfit would you wear to a lawn party? Yours truly will be attending the GBVS lawn party at the Crane Estate so be sure to stop by and say hello!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Some 1920s Shoes - Sunday Shoe Spectacle Series

Just a few quick pictures for you all today. These are all from a mid 1920s Montgomery Ward catalog. Hope you enjoy this Sunday Shoe Spectacle series! It's been fun coming up with different shoes to share.

To start your morning out right, how about some pretty slippers. I know I'd wear a pair of these around the house in my favorite dressing gown. I love the little pom poms! Which pair would you pick?

And for the men, some awesome leather boots! My husband has a pair similar to these that badly need repair before they can ever been worn again. But I can tell you these are some rough and sturdy work boots!! This  style was worn well into the 1940s and 1950s.

And don't forget the kids.

 I think I've saved the best for last! I'm absolutely in love with the very bottom pair in black and white.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Shoe Spectacle - Fitting Shoes

Thanks so much for the tremendous feedback on my 1940s beachwear post. I'll have another post coming later this week about the location where the photos were taken.

But now, welcome to another of Sunday Shoe Spectacle! Today I have some tips on shopping for and fitting vintage shoes. This is a revival of a post a wrote back in 2012 when I first started blogging.

The Lady Eve - Glamourdaze
- Are you looking for a particular style to meet the requirements of a particular period of time? And if so, what style? Be sure to do your homework so you know what you are looking at when you start shopping. Many sellers are very knowledgeable but sometimes dates and style names can be listed incorrectly.
- How often do you plan to wear the shoes? If you want a pair of shoes to wear every day, vintage might not be the way to go. But for special occasions, a day in the office, or a night out with the girls or certain types of reenactments they might be just the thing.
- What condition issues should you look for (and avoid) when shopping for vintage shoes? Cracking, scuffs, worn out insoles, broken straps, etc. Avoid leather that looks and feels brittle. Some issues can be fixed with a bit of leather conditioning or polish while other can not.
- What about the details? Heel height, pretty details like bows or buckles.
- And most importantly, how do you know what size shoe to buy?  

So how do you know what size vintage shoes to buy?

It's true that shoe sizes haven't changed too much over the years, unlike clothing sizes. A size 7 vintage shoe, for example, will be roughly the same size as a modern size 7. As a general rule, dress shoes do run a little narrow. And this is especially true of most vintage shoes the market today, so you will want to keep that in mind if you have wide feet like I do. If you have the option of trying a pair of shoes on before you buy them, excellent. But when shopping online, obviously you won't be able to. Keep in mind that the majority of online shop owners will not except returns for shoes that don't fit properly. Don't be afraid to ask for more information!

So, to avoid heartaches and headaches alike and know your measurements! 

To figure out your measurements - Stand on a piece of paper and have a friend trace the outline of your foot. Take a measuring tape and measure length of your foot from the tip of your big toe to your heel, then across the ball, or widest part of your foot. Check out this helpful video

Shopper's TipsTo ensure a good fit, measure of a pair of your own comfortable shoes across the ball of the foot (the widest point), and from toe to heel. Take both of these measurements on the inside on the shoes. A flexible ruler is helpful. Compare these measurements to those of the vintage shoes you think you want to purchase. It's a good idea to measure a pair of shoes that have the same heel height as the pair you're shopping for. If you like your shoes to fit snug or a little on the loose side, take that onto account.

Condition issues - As with any article of vintage clothing, whether it's a hat, a dress, or a pair of shoes, expect some kind of wear. Occasionally you will see NOS - new old stock, or "dead stock" - items in near mint condition. Excellent condition can mean a higher price.

When looking for shoes, take a look first at the soles and then the heels. If no pictures are provided ask to see some so you can see how much wear there is. Check for cracks or other flaws to the soles and heels. If you plan on wearing them for more then the occasional photo shoot this is important. You want to make sure the shoes are sturdy and safe to wear. Worn out insoles can easily be replaced. Scuff marks are no big deal but if there is cracking anywhere on the shoes that could be a problem, particularly with leather shoes as they can become brittle with age. Leather conditioners can help but in some cases the shoes may be beyond repair. Check the buckles (if there are any) and other details such as the stitching or decorative bows to make sure they are secure.

Ask yourself - If there are flaws, can you live with them, considering the age of the shoes of course? Can they easily be fixed? (A bit of polish or leather conditioner, new insoles, etc.) Is it worth the extra cost to have them fixed? If you answer "No" to any of these questions you should probably keep looking.

When in doubt, ask for help!
Don't be afraid to ask questions. When looking for vintage shoes online, I found the way shoes measurement were listed to be a little inconsistent, at least on Etsy. One shop will measure the widest point on the inside of the shoes and other shop across the bottom. Once I knew what I needed for my own measurements, I asked shop owners to clarify how their measurements were taken. Each and every person was extremely help I must say!

Remember, the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes is all part of the fun! :) I hope you find this post helpful.

Vintage Ad Browser

Vintage Ad Browser

Sunday, July 3, 2016

"The Footwear of Tomorrow"

Welcome to another Sunday Shoe Spectacle! Are you ready for a fabulous pair of vintage shoes? I thought you might be!! I was looking through one of my 1930s Boot and Shoes Recorder magazines and look what I found. This wonderful full page ad featuring "the Footwear of Tomorrow."

The shoes on this page all feature something called Lastex, "the miracle yarn that makes things fit." And you know what else? I happen to have a pair of shoes that are very much like those in the magazine! Squee! OK, they don't have the stretchy material but they have a similar futuristic design to them. How cool is that?

I love the little winged flare on these shoes! I can't say I'm all that crazy about the "elf" toes of the one pair pictured in the ad but they sure would be neat to see in person.

It's difficult to read but it looks like these shoes are marked Trisco. Can't make out the rest.  These are the epitome of late 1930s/early 1940's style. Stylish peep toes, scalloped vamp, and 4" high heels! And of course, they are too small for my feet. Why????? Ugh, well like the tiny pair I featured last week, these decorate a shelf in my sewing room.

Would you like to write a guest post about vintage shoes for this blog series? If so, please feel free to contact me! Do you have a favorite pair? Favorite source for shopping for vintage or vintage style shoes? What would be your pair of "vintage dream shoes?"

That's all for now! I hope all my friends here in the states have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!! (I'm having sale on Etsy to celebrate! Use the code SPECIAL20 to save 20% off your purchase, excluding silk fabric. I'll be adding some new items soon so stay tuned.)
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