Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Round Up

First, my apologies for the long delay of my post on victory pins. I've been fighting a nasty head cold the last couple days and have not had the energy to work on it. I hate being sick. But as today is Halloween, a holiday that I'm very fond of, I did not want to leave you without some kind of post. I thought a recap of my Halloween costumes and posts from this year and last would be fitting. And quick to put together. :)

So here we go. Last year I had series of posts with pictures of lovely Halloween pin-ups. All class, no trash. You can see them all here. My favorite is still Veronica Lake.

Last year I went as a 1920s silent film star with a little twist. I went in grey scale. Cori went as Popeye. Cori and I also went on a Halloween wine tasting train ride which was lots of fun. You can read about that here.

Last weekend I had two Halloween parties so of course I had to come up with two costumes. I didn't want to wear the same thing twice you know. The first party was on Friday so I went as Rosie the Riveter, which unfortunately I didn't get a picture of. My victory rolls came out really well too. I borrowed Cori's army surplus coveralls, rolled my hair and put on a red bandana. I completed the look with my victory pins. I ended up changing back into this costume on Saturday because it was a lot more comfortable then ..... wait for it....

 .... my curtain costume. "Oh this old thing? I saw it in the window and just had to have it!"

Here's Carol Burnett's version. And a video clip from the Carol Burnett show. I'm not sure it needs any more explanation. :) I made a quick set of curtains out of green crepe - I plan on using the fabric for some future project. Any ideas? Don't look too closely at the hat please! I used cardboard from a cereal box, hot glue and some scrap fabric. Not my best work but it looks OK in the pictures. The dress is my 1860s plaid cotton dress that I rushed to finish for my trip to Gettysburg this past spring.

Oh, and Cori's costume was really awesome too! He went as Charlie Chaplin, something he had always wanted to do. Photos in the post are by my good friend and photographer Kris Jarrett of Kris Jarrett Photography & Media Production. Thanks Kris!

Ok, now I'm off to make a cup of tea and then go back to bed. Boo, stupid cold. :(

Monday, October 28, 2013

New Site - Vintage Gazer

Just a quick post this morning. I wanted to share with you all a new site I learned about. It's called Vintage Gazer. It's another great site for finding bloggers and vintage related images. This is a curated site with tons of great photos submitted by vintage bloggers and vintage sellers from around the world. I received an invitation to join from the We Heart Vintage Directory. Creating an account is quick and easy and free. Stop by and check it out. :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Shop My Closet

I'm continuing my research for the post I promised on victory pins. I'm just about finished so I hope to have that post ready for you all later this week.

In the mean time I wanted to let you all know about a new item in my Etsy shop. Anyone remember this dress? Yep, this is the bridesmaid dress I made earlier this year from Vogue Couturier Designs 919. The pattern is from 1952. You can read all about the construction and see the final pictures here. I don't really see myself wearing this dress again, so into the shop it goes!

Vogue Couturier Designs 919. Sorry, pattern and shoes not for sale
1950s Bright Green Party or Bridesmaid Dress for sale

Monday, October 14, 2013

Upcoming Post!

This is just a teaser for a new post I'm working on. Still doing a bit of research so please stay tuned for more!

Update 11/13/13:  You can now view part one here and part two here

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wedding! One Year from Today!!

I'm getting married in exactly one year from today. Now that's a scary thought! So how's my planning going you ask? Well, it's going.... Our date is set and venue booked so those are two big things checked off our list! I'm working on arranging a block of rooms for my guests and bouncing between ideas for flowers and other decor. Cori has a suit and a formal tux, both vintage, to choose from. Thank goodness he's all set! Cori's father will preform the ceremony and a good friend of ours will be our photographer. I still have no idea what I'm going to do about my dress or dresses for the bridesmaids. The plan is to have the girls in 1940s style dresses but I don't want them to look like your standard off the rack bridesmaids dresses.

As for my dress .... well, back in the spring I visited two different shops and tried on a couple different dresses. I've looked at TONS of dresses online but feel very uninspired and frustrated by cost. I discovered the perfect vintage dress online but it was waaaay out of my price range. Fortunately someone else has already bought it, at least it was marked reserved last time I checked. So no need to cry, it wasn't "the one" and it's gone so move on! It may sound silly but I just can't justify spend several hundred dollars or more on something I will only wear once. I have a better idea of what I don't want then what I do. Fortunately there's still plenty of time. I'm still thinking about making something so I've giving myself a deadline this winter to make up my mind. That way I will have enough time to either sew or order a dress.

Did I mention that our wedding is going to be a vintage theme? 1930s/1940s to be exact. The venue is a beautiful historic house with formal gardens. The carriage barn has been restored and will be the location for the reception. I don't want to give away too many details as I want most everything to be a big surprise. I know, what a tease. But I don't want to leave you empty handed so I will share some of the images I've been saving as inspiration. Be sure to check out my albums on Pinterest for more vintage wedding dresses and vintage wedding ideas!
Soup served in pretty tea cups
White & Ivory  Vintage Wedding Bunting / by HomegrownHandmade, $69.99

Sooo pretty with the lace sewn on the burlap!!
Thought of this idea, displaying on dress forms is much better
silhouette wedding cake toppers

Vintage School themed wedding  |  frenzel photographers

images Via

c. 1930's The Liberty Shop, New Orleans, LA Magnificent Satin Rhinestone and Beaded Trained Gown with Original Matching Belt
1930s vintage wedding dress
See, I told you today's post would be more fun then yesterday's! ;)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just a head up and a quick disclaimer

Is anyone familiar with the Google Reader replacement called Feedspot? What are your thoughts on it? I received an interesting email this morning informing me that I have new blog followers on this site. That was news to me! And because my blog "is adding value to Feedspot" they want to give me a "one year Feedspot Premium subscription for free." Umm, no thank you! Scam, spam? I don't know because I'm not at all familiar with this site.

I blog for the enjoyment of sharing my projects and vintage finds with like mined people. I blog because it's an amazing way to make new friends. I don't want to shell out what little money I earn at my day job to promote my blog. I don't have any issues with blog sponsors or reviewing vintage/sewing related products, so please don't take offense. I feel these are a little different and have more of a community feel. Many of the blogs I follow offer different levels of sponsorship and I think these are great way to inexpensively promote your blog amongst people who enjoy the same things while also supporting your favorite blogs or products.  That to me is a win win. Another good example - How many of us have ever entered a giveaway to win something cool and were asked to share that particular post? Or hosted a giveaway? Both great ways to share in the blogging community.

I do however, take issue being asked to pay companies or large corporations in order to get people to visit my blog. Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook the other day about how they manage pages. It's a little frustrating to post pictures and updates only to discover that very few of your followers actually get to see them. No, I do not want to pay to boost/promote each post! Sorry Facebook. If you "like" Emily's Vintage Visions on Facebook and want my posts to actually appear in your news feeds will you need to be more active in commenting, sharing, or "liking" individual posts.

I chose Blogger because, first of all, it's free. And second it's easy to use. When Google Reader was discontinued I decided to claim my blog on Bloglovin' so that people who had used Google Reader would have another option to follow my blog. I am by no means a blogging or computer expert and don't believe I ever will be. My interests lie in sewing and historical research.

So just to be clear, I DO NOT use Feedpost. I actually asked to have my blog content removed from that site, but we will see what happens. Blogger and Bloglivin' are the only readers I'm currently using. You can find me on Facebook and I have a bunch of albums on Pinterest. My blog is also listed on the We Heart Vintage's Vintage Directory and Top Vintage Blog Vintage Search. Both sites should link you directly back here to

I shouldn't need to say it but I will, if only because there has been one incident already. DISCLAIMER - All content on this blog is the property of Emily's Vintage Visions, and is my own unless otherwise noted. Please do not copy without my permission. I do my best to site sources for images or information that I post that are not my own. If you feel I have used any of your content incorrectly or without proper permission, kindly contact me and I will make the proper corrections or if you choose, remove the content without any hard feelings. Please feel free to share my blog with friends, but I kindly ask that you give credit where credit is due. 

Sorry for the rant, that's all for now. I promise a more fun post in the near future. Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Great Hair Fridays - October 1943

Today's Great Hair Fridays post features articles from an October issue of the Modern Beauty Shop. These articles are from 1943.

Hairstyles highlighted in this issue are the High Harmony and the Semi-Pomp. Also shown is an interesting article about testing your curls.

Modern Beauty Shop - October 1943
Modern Beauty Shop - October 1943
Modern Beauty Shop - October 1943
Modern Beauty Shop - October 1943
Modern Beauty Shop - October 1943
Modern Beauty Shop - October 1943
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