Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just a head up and a quick disclaimer

Is anyone familiar with the Google Reader replacement called Feedspot? What are your thoughts on it? I received an interesting email this morning informing me that I have new blog followers on this site. That was news to me! And because my blog "is adding value to Feedspot" they want to give me a "one year Feedspot Premium subscription for free." Umm, no thank you! Scam, spam? I don't know because I'm not at all familiar with this site.

I blog for the enjoyment of sharing my projects and vintage finds with like mined people. I blog because it's an amazing way to make new friends. I don't want to shell out what little money I earn at my day job to promote my blog. I don't have any issues with blog sponsors or reviewing vintage/sewing related products, so please don't take offense. I feel these are a little different and have more of a community feel. Many of the blogs I follow offer different levels of sponsorship and I think these are great way to inexpensively promote your blog amongst people who enjoy the same things while also supporting your favorite blogs or products.  That to me is a win win. Another good example - How many of us have ever entered a giveaway to win something cool and were asked to share that particular post? Or hosted a giveaway? Both great ways to share in the blogging community.

I do however, take issue being asked to pay companies or large corporations in order to get people to visit my blog. Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook the other day about how they manage pages. It's a little frustrating to post pictures and updates only to discover that very few of your followers actually get to see them. No, I do not want to pay to boost/promote each post! Sorry Facebook. If you "like" Emily's Vintage Visions on Facebook and want my posts to actually appear in your news feeds will you need to be more active in commenting, sharing, or "liking" individual posts.

I chose Blogger because, first of all, it's free. And second it's easy to use. When Google Reader was discontinued I decided to claim my blog on Bloglovin' so that people who had used Google Reader would have another option to follow my blog. I am by no means a blogging or computer expert and don't believe I ever will be. My interests lie in sewing and historical research.

So just to be clear, I DO NOT use Feedpost. I actually asked to have my blog content removed from that site, but we will see what happens. Blogger and Bloglivin' are the only readers I'm currently using. You can find me on Facebook and I have a bunch of albums on Pinterest. My blog is also listed on the We Heart Vintage's Vintage Directory and Top Vintage Blog Vintage Search. Both sites should link you directly back here to

I shouldn't need to say it but I will, if only because there has been one incident already. DISCLAIMER - All content on this blog is the property of Emily's Vintage Visions, and is my own unless otherwise noted. Please do not copy without my permission. I do my best to site sources for images or information that I post that are not my own. If you feel I have used any of your content incorrectly or without proper permission, kindly contact me and I will make the proper corrections or if you choose, remove the content without any hard feelings. Please feel free to share my blog with friends, but I kindly ask that you give credit where credit is due. 

Sorry for the rant, that's all for now. I promise a more fun post in the near future. Thanks for reading!


  1. I got one of those emails too and I am going to ignore it. thanks for the heads up though, glad to know I'm not the only person that has no idea about the Beta Testing Blogfeed thing.
    Here's to sewing focused blogs!! and not techy blogs.

  2. Hi Nessa,
    I check my blog stats once in awhile through blogger sometimes see some weird looking traffic sources/referring sites. Feedspot is probable fine but I'd like to stick with what I know. :)
    Good to hear from you again!

  3. I love reading posts like yours! It is getting more and more frustrating with companies trying to get money from blogs for them to advertise for us. Blogging should be about personal expression and it should be fun!


  4. Good post. It's interesting to know the companies are trying out there to try to get sales, while we, the bloggers do the hard work. Lately I have received offers from some companies that sell clothes and shoes that I link them to my blog and advertise them. And they "promise" me great benefits if sales of their products through my blog. I hate that! My blog is a community of friends who like what I do. And I commented on the blogs of my fellow bloggers because I like what they do ... simply. By the way .. I love your blog, I'm gossiping through your posts and love everything about vintage hairstyles and your fashion style. Kisses.

  5. I got one of those Emails. Sounded fishy to me because they were saying I had more followers on their site than I have on anything else.

  6. Hi Rosy, Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog! I have not been asked to review any products but have received a couple emails from companies asking to link to their products or sites. Most of them were very clearly spam!

    Bry - My email as said that if I needed detailed monthly/yearly analytics on how my blog is performing on there site that I should contact them. No thanks, blogger does that for me. Also for free. :)

  7. I actually quite agree with you, Emily. I would very much like to promote my blog without having to shovel out all these fees, especially on FB since they love to show you how little people actually see your updates.

    I've thought, since I am a writer and vintage lover, that I might do a blog sponsor on somewhere like Chronically Vintage or Va-Voom Vintage where there are like minded people who visit those blogs, etc...

    With all that being said, I do think your dress is very cute. And I'll be hopping over to pintrest to see your boards. I'm so addicted to that site!!

    The Fictionista

  8. Hi Sean,
    I certainly agree with you. Those are two of my favorite blogs. I've learned so much from those lovely ladies that it would be great to give back. Those kinds of sponsorships are exactly the kind I can appreciate and approve of. I've been thinking of going that route for awhile, just need to get my act together. :)
    Thanks for visiting, I'm going to check out your blog this afternoon.


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