Here you will find a list of sources for books, pattern, sewing supplies and more!

Archival and Display Supplies and Advice

General Information
Museum Textile Services - Advice on storage, display and care of textiles. Plus a whole lot more!!
From Threads Magazine, Tips on Grading Patterns
Cleaning and Repairing Vintage Patterns - Part 1, Part 2, and Pattern Care

Costume and Textile Books
-80 Godey's Full-Color Fashion Plates (1838-1880), by JoAnne Olian (Author) Dover Publications (January 21, 1998)
-Costume Close-Up: Clothing Construction and Pattern, 1750-1790, by Linda Baumgarten & John Watson with Florine Carr
-Costume in Detail: Women's Dress 1730-1930, by Nancy Bradfield, Costume & Fashion Press; 2nd edition (September 1997)
-Eighteenth-Century Clothing at Williamsburg (Williamsburg Decorative Arts Series), by Linda Baumgarten (Author)
-Patterns of Fashion 1: Englishwomen's Dresses & Their Construction C. 1660-1860, by Janet Arnold, Drama Publishers; Revised edition (December 1977)
-Patterns of Fashion 2: Englishwomen's Dresses & Their Construction C. 1860-1940, by Janet Arnold, Drama Publishers; 3rd edition (December 1977)
-Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Fashion in Detail, by Avril Hart and Susan North. V & A Publishing (April 1, 2009)
-Textiles in America, 1650-1870, by Florence M. Montgomery. W. W. Norton & Company (August 17, 2007)
-The DAR Museum, by Martha Pullen
-The Way They Were: Dressed in 1860-1865, by Donna J. Abraham (Author), Thomas Publications (2008)
-Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898 (Dover Fashion and Costumes), Stella Blum (Editor)
-Who Wore What?: Women's Wear, 1861-1865, by Juanita Leisch (Author), Thomas Publications (PA); 1 Ed edition (April 1995)

Costuming Resources

Fabric, Sewing Accessories, Patterns etc.

Images and Museums

Patterns and Pattern Reviews

Shopping - Antiques, Ready-made, Vintage
At the Sign of the Golden Scissors - 18th century patterns, clothing, etc
FashionableFrolick - 18th century goodies
Honey Talk Vintage - Shoes and more
Meg Andrews - Antique clothing
My Vintage Hat Shop - Vintage hats
Poppycock Vintage - Vintage hats
Vintage Textiles - Antique clothing

I will continue to update this page. If you know of any great resources not listed please let me know! Thanks!

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