Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another Enchanting Rose Teacup Exchange

I'm very excited to have participated in another teacup exchange hosted by Stephanie of the blog The Enchanting Rose. Stephanie has hosted this exchange many times (10 so far!), and this was my second time participating. (You can read about the last exchange here.)

Each person taking part in the teacup and/or mug exchange fills out a quick questioner with some basic info in order for Stephanie to pair us up. Along with our teacup, or mug, we were asked to include a friendly note, tea or coffee and a little something extra. The idea of the exchange is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and, hopefully, create new friendships. I like that in organizing the exchange, Stephanie made sure that we each sent and received packages from different people. More ways to connect with different people!

The arrival of my teacup package could not have been timed more perfectly. I had recently learned that a very dear friend, someone I had been incredibly close to for years, had died from cancer. The real kicker was that because we had not talked for several years, I had no idea he was even sick. The news came as an absolute shock and the next few days were a roller coaster of emotions. Daniel, or Danny as I knew him, and I were best friends growing up and later high school/college sweethearts. We went our separate ways but his friendship is something I'll always treasure. Today marks a month since he passed. :( Needless to say the arrival of a box full of tea and dark chocolate was just the thing I needed that particular day. The teacup is so pretty too, don't you think?

Thank you Hana for your wonderful teacup, tea and chocolate! Your gifts and lovely note helped brighten my day!

I don't often share this kind of thing outside my personal FB page but a few people have asked if there is anything they can do. For those that might be interested, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help my friend's family. Danny was only 35 when he passed, he was a disabled military veteran and he leaves behind his wife and a little girl. For anyone who has dealt with the loss of a loved one or is currently going through a serious illness, not having to worry about small things like a buying week's worth of groceries can be a big relief. I realize many people are not in a position to donate, or many feel weird about giving money to someone you don't know and I totally understand. However if you are able and willing, any amount would be a great help. Even if you are not is a position to donate I know that sharing the page would be greatly appreciated as well.

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