Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Second Wedding Anniversary and Fall Colors

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary! We spend most of the day unpacking from the WWII event we attended over the weekend. It poured on Sunday so we had a lot of wet gear to deal with when we got home. Yep, wet canvas, the bane of all re-enactors! The day wasn't all work though, we did go out for a nice dinner.

Surprisingly, despite the drought here in New England, the fall colors are rather stunning right now! I'm hoping to quickly finish a few projects and squeeze in some photo shoots before the leaves disappear. I'm thinking of using this location again because it's so classic New England but have a few new ones in mind as well.

I used this location for a fun photo shoot last year and hope to use it again soon.
And speaking of pictures, I thought I would post a quick recap of some of my wedding-related blog posts. Lots of wedding photos included! I hope my sewing pattern review and DIY wedding tips will be helpful to some of you! Enjoy!

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