Monday, February 27, 2012

Wrapping up Pink for February

Here are a few more images of pink clothing and accessories to wrap the Color of the Month.
Stays 1660-1670, V&A
Manchester City Galleries 1947.921
Eliza Ann Farrar by Asahel Lynde Powers (American painter, 1813-1843) 
An evening gown designed by Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian fashion designer. (I'm planning a series of posts on 20th century fashion designers in the near future.)
Here's a  hat by designer Philip Treacy. The museum's description of this hat reads ... "Hat made of shocking pink goose feathers." Shocking indeed! I'm including a less shocking hat from the 1920s.
1920s hat, MFA

This evening coat looks like some that could have been worn by one of the characters on Downton Abby.
Here are a few pink accessories I found on Etsy. Hope you enjoy!
Hat Box
Adorable cat pin
Lots of buttons!
1960s dress


  1. Wow, that Schiaparelli gown was much prettier than I expected when I was scrolling down. It's so ... normal!

  2. Yes, some of her creations are a bit strange. She's still one of my favorite designers though.


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