Thursday, April 19, 2012

Portrait Miniatures - British Soldiers, Part 2

A continuation of my first post on portrait miniatures.

From the Victorian and Albert Museum
A portrait miniature of Colonel Cuppage, painted in 1805 by George Engleheart (1750-1829). And the very dashing Captain W. S. Dawe of the Indian Infantry, painted in 1787 by John Smart (1742-1811).

Colonel Cuppage, c. 1805  V&A EVANS.111
Capt. Dawe, 1787 V&A EVANS.222

Next is one of my favorites - Arthur Wellesley, later the 1st Duke of Wellington. This portrait miniature was painted by Richard Cosway (1742-1821) in 1808. The description from the V&A website reads;

V&A P.6-1941
"This miniature was painted in 1808 and marks the beginning of Arthur Wellesley's famous exploits against Napoleon, who in 1804 had crowned himself Emperor of the French, having brought nearly all Western Europe to his heel. The Peninsular War (1808-14), conducted in Spain and Portugal against the emperor's forces, was a continual drain of Napoleon's strength. It ended with Napoleon's exile on the island of Elba and Wellesley being named the Duke of Wellington. The following year Napoleon escaped from Elba. His final battle with the newly created Duke was at Waterloo (1815), which Napoleon lost."

I'm told that this portrait is one of the few times you see Wellesley wearing his uniform. He seems to have been far more comfortable wearing civilian clothing. 

Below is a nice early miniature of Colonel Thomas Weld, dated 1718. And one of a colonel of the 3rd Foot Guards.

V&A P.63-1987
Colonel of the 3rd Foot Guards V&A EVANS.124
Below - "Portrait miniature of an unknown officer, called 'Thomas Nuttall', dated 1796, watercolour on ivory by Samuel Andrews, (ca. 1767-1807)." 

V&A P.9-1944
Another unknown officer, below right. He is thought to be John Smith Budgen, painted by Jeremiah Meyer, R.A. (1735-1789) in about ca. 1780.

V&A P.8-1960
And my final portrait miniature of the day is of an officer of the 37th or North Hampshire Regiment of Foot, dated 1807. It was painted by Alexander Gallaway.


For portraits of some dashing Irish officers see -
An Unknown officer ca. 1790-1800. Painted by George Place
Portrait miniature of an unknown officer, 1800-5. Painted by John Cooke (ca. 1778-1805)
Portrait miniature of an unknown man, dated 1768. Painted by Gustavus Hamilton (1739-1775)


  1. Toootally crushing on Captain Dawe. I can see him mowing down his enemies on the battlefield one day and being the most dapper man at a ball the next. They just don't make 'em like they used to.


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