Monday, August 13, 2012

A Soft Wrap Corset

This soft wrap style corset was listed for sale, and has since been sold, by Vintage Textile. Unfortunately, at the time I saved these pictures I didn't think to copy all the information that accompanied them. I believe the date listed for this garment was 1800 to 1810, but it could have been as late as 1820. It's made of cotton and is entirely hand stitched. Note to self, in the future save all information!

Update 8/14/2012 - I searched my files and found that I did save the information originally listed with this corset on Vintage Textile! Here it is:

Rare soft wrap corset, c.1810-1820
Some early corsets (stays) are prized by collectors because they are elaborately embellished; others are valued for their rare form. This soft, wrap-style under garment is a special find for the collector who already has the more typical corded style with center busk.
Our soft wrap corset was likely meant more for modesty under a sheer dress than for significant support. The style, which is rarely found, came from a New England collection.
The corset is fashioned from ivory cotton and is completely hand stitched. Gathered bust inserts and triangular side-hip inserts are the only shaping. The corset is laced only at the upper back opening. Waistline ties wrap around and pin in front.
The condition is excellent.
It measures: 32" bust, 27" waist, 32" hip, and 16" from shoulder to hem

Source - Vintage Textile
This style corset would have been worn by a lady who needed minimal support. There are small gussets for the bust as well at gussets at the hips. The straps are well out of the way to accommodate the broad necklines of the time period. Also, notice the lack of a busk pocket on this corset.

Source - Vintage Textile
Gussets for bust. Source - Vintage Textile
Detail of back lacing. Source - Vintage Textile
Note the small side gussets at the hips. Source - Vintage Textile

In the future, I may try to make one of these for myself as it looks pretty simple as well as comfortable. I do have a few more picture of this corset that I can post if people are interested. 

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  1. Yes please post more photos of this corset. I'd love to make one as well. I think it would be well suited to my body shape.


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