Thursday, September 6, 2012

On Etsy, of Course - Searching for Vintage Shoes

I've had a lot of people ask me where I got the shoes I wore for the scenic train ride with Cori. My answer, on Etsy! As anyone who loves wearing, collecting, and shopping for vintage items knows, Etsy is both a wonderful - and dangerous - resource. I say dangerous because it's so easy to use and very addicting. :)

It's been interesting and exciting looking at vintage shoe ads and then finding similar (or even identical!) existing shoes in shops and museums.

Here is a perfect example. I'm just green with envy! (Sorry, bad pun!)

Vintage ad for de Nero shoes
A very similar pair from honeytalkvintage

I have since found on Etsy several pairs of 1940s shoes very much like the pair I bought. The bows, flowers, or whatever you want to call them, on the toes are very similar. These kinds of embellishments were very popular. Look at this pair in brown from honeytalkvintage and this pair in green from Columbiatique. What about a pair in black? Want a pair of in red like mine? Check out this pair from SplendoreBoutique 

Naturalizer shoes. Notice the pair on the far left. Source
Another ad for Naturalizer shoes - Source

I've saved so many shoes to my Etsy favorites list. Here are just a few of them. It's great to be able to save items all in one spot, whether you plan to buy them or just to drool over the pictures. That's mainly what I do!! Pictures are free and excellent resources. I figure the chances of me finding another pair of fabulous vintage shoes that actually fit are pretty slim. But it sure is fun to look. :)

For a few shopping tips and help figuring out your vintage shoes size, check out my post, Sizing up Vintage Shoes.

Drool worthy brown and white 1930s heels from CustardHeartVintage
A lovely and practical pair of blue pumps from FemaleHysteria

Rhythm Step shoe ad from 1944 - Source
 This pair from FromEveWithLove already sold but I just had to share them. Red alligator from Saks Fifth Avenue with 4" heels, holy cow! Oh alligator shoes, how I adore you ...

Pin-up shoes anyone? adoredvintage
 (Please note, I'm not trying to advertise on behave of any of Etsy or any these particular shops. I just wanted to share some beautiful shoes.)

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  1. Oh the shoe swooning that is transpiring over here at the moment! I can hardly get my breath, as each of these marvelous pairs and images stole it away from me! :)

    I adore mid-century shoes, too, but really don't have many actual vintage pairs, as my feet are a bit odd sized (they're thick from top to bottom, which is so weird) and a touch uneven sized, too. Add in that I wear a 8/8.5 usually, and finding vintage pairs (for under the price of a second mortgage! ;D) is pretty tricky. I always keep my peepers peeled though, and hope to find more in the future.

    ♥ Jessica


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