Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pillbox Hats and Chiffon Veils Worn Harem Fashion

Pillbox hats and veils, what could be prettier? I came across the newspaper clipping below while doing some other research and luckily thought to save it. It's good that I did because I also found pictures that are almost a match to the hats described. Opportunity for a blog post? You bet!

1940s Purple Turban Hat - Source
From the Dallas Morning News, October 26, 1938 
Chiffon Veils Are Now Worn Harem Fashion
This Type Tucks in At Top of Pillbox, Flows Around Front. By Alma Cunningham. There are so many distinguishing bits of femininity on the fashion horizon this season that a woman can be different and beautiful in her own way without even trying.

Take veils, for instance. They aren't news any longer, but their infinite variety offers a lot to the imagination. With a green and purple turban, say, you might wear a veil in flesh color to match your complexion, even to the rosy tints of the cheeks, and eye shadow.

A little newer than net or lace veils are the chiffon veils worn harem fashion. Thus type of veil is tucked in the top of a pillbox, flows down the back to the shoulders and comes around the front to cross and float back again. Incidentally, it covers up the back hair entirely, whether it's up or down. Can you imagine anything lovelier than a purple hat with a fuchsia chiffon veil?

I'd like to think that Mrs. Cunningham had a hat like this in mind when she wrote her article.

I'd like to think Mrs. Cunningham had a hat like this in mind when she wrote her article. Image source - Ebay
Not really a pill box hat but it certainly is striking! - Can't remember the source, most likely
Make your own pillbox hat using this tutorial from Tuppence Ha'penny. Make it into the harem fashion described above by adding your own chiffon veil.I would love to see pictures if you do!

Although this image is from 1962, it's another great example of a pink pillbox hat and veil.
Cover Girl 1962, Maggie Eckhart - Photo by Richard Avedon Source -

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