Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Answer to My Photo Quiz

So I was hoping to have a few more guesses about the photos in my last post. But that's ok. Those of you who guessed photo 3 are correct. If you guessed photo 4 you are also correct! Yes, it was sort of a trick question. :) Both photos were taken during my 2010 trip to Gettysburg, PA at Rob Gibson's Wet Plate Photography Studio. You can view the online press kit for the studio here.

The first is a tin type and CDV copy of me. The pose is a little awkward I admit. The dress is one I made years ago. It's made from a small red, green. and white plaid cotton. I found it in the homespun section of my local fabric store. The black waist, added to give a little more contrast to the photo, was an accessory that belonged to the studio. It's hard to see but I'm also wear an original 19th century cameo that Cori bought for me when he was in Italy.

The skirt was box pleated and sewn to a narrow waistband. It the other picture you can see the black velvet belt I made to go with the dress. The bodice was drafted from an original I own.

Here is the tin type and CDV copy of Cori and I. The coat I'm wearing and all of Cori's clothing belongs to the studio. The coat Cori is wearing was made special for Rob for his role as John Wilkes Booth in the TV documentary April 1865. The cane, which is almost identical to own owned by Booth, is an original 19th century cane and was also used in the film. Cori looks great but I'm not crazy about how I look. Mostly I think because of the jacket.

The process Rob uses to create his tin types is the same process used in the 19th century. He even using an original camera. In making the CDV copies of the tin types the image is flipped. I had the opportunity to visit Rob's studio again this past March. I will be sharing photos of that visit shortly.

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  1. You look so authentic! What great fun! I went to an historic park many years ago and had a photo taken with an antique camera and I loved it. When I returned they'd changed to a digital camera hidden inside an old camera!! What a cheat! So glad somebody is still doing the genuine style. Thanks for sharing.


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