Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Few Updates and Such

Hello dear readers. Sorry for my absence this last week or so. Cori and I are in the process of moving so things have been a bit crazy lately. We will be moving back to my parents' house for a few months while Cori is away at the police academy. While not ideal, this will allow us to save a bit on rent as well as put some money aside for the wedding next year. I think we've found a location for the wedding. Now we just need to pick a date! Lol!

In addition to moving, the last few weeks were spend working on a new exhibit at my historical society. If you have an interest in the Civil War and find yourself traveling through Southern Vermont this summer, stop by and check it out!

All my patterns and sewing books are packed as well as most of my vintage clothing. Still need to sort through and pack fabric and sewing supplies... sigh. I hate storing things in plastic totes but that's going to be the best option for right now. And it's only temporary. 

Cori's uniforms take up the back of the closet. I'm really going to miss the closet/storage space in this apartment. :(
Special acid free textiles boxes are the best storage option for older textiles but paper/cardboard boxes are the next best thing as they allow the textiles to "breath". Although I do have a few acid free boxes, I only use them for my antique textiles and very delicate vintage pieces because they are expensive. A few years ago my local historical society ordered a good sized lot of archive material and I was able to tack on an order of textile boxes for myself. It was one of those deals where the more you order the cheap they are. 

If you follow me on Facebook you'll know that I just purchased some vintage wave clips. The kind used for making finger/marcel waves. This weekend I'm going to a special showing of the Great Gatsby with a gathering after so there will be a hair post in the future! I'm planning on wearing my green Downton Abbey gown. (You can read about it here .)
I'll try my best to post a few things in the next couple weeks but if you don't hear from me you’ll know why!

Wave clips!


  1. I admire your dedication to preserving your items. I've bought a couple of special archival boxes but I really need to buy more. I have one Edwardian type of dress that requires someone to help me get into. It's amazing how complicated some of these garnments can be in wearing. The level of detail is so amazing. I have this dress wrapped in special acid-free paper and packed in an archival box.

  2. Hi Joanna,
    Your absolutely right, some vintage/antique clothing seems so complicated! No wonder rich ladies had maids to help them dress! lol! I'd love to see pictures of your Edwardian dress.

    Archival material is expensive but so worth it to preserve some of these historic beauties for the next generation. :)

  3. The Container Store sells acid-free textile storage boxes that aren't too expensive, but if those aren't an option the next best thing would be plastic containers, preferably ones made of polyethylene or another stable plastic. Cardboard boxes are acidic and should be avoided if at all possible.


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