Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Snowshill Costume Collection Tour

Hello everyone,
I have a very quick post for you all today. I just learned that a costume study tour of the Snowshill Costume Collection is being organized by Aylwen of Aylwen Historical Costuming. Please see her post here for more details. This fascinating collection is held at the Berrington Hall in Leominster, UK.

Snowshill Manor © National Trust / Simon Harris
 National Trust Inventory Number 1348709.1
Those familiar with the collection will know that pictures and details of the some of the items can be found in Janet Arnold's books Patterns of Fashion 1 and 2, Hats and Bonnets by Althea Mackenzie, London, The National Trust, 2004Shoes and Slippers by Althea Mackenzie, National Trust 2004, as well as Costume in Detail: Women's Dress 1730-1930, by Nancy Bradfield.

Photo source - http://historicalcostume.wordpress.com/
Any pair of their 18th century shoes would be top on my list of must see items, followed by any their 18th century gowns. The fabric of this gown is particularly interesting.

Snowshill Manor © National Trust / Richard Blakey
Yellow brocade shoes? Yes, please!! These are dated 1740-1750 National Trust Inventory Number 1348843.1
Unfortunately for me, a trip to the UK is not in my budget right now. But how wonderful would it be to see some of these gowns, shoes, etc. in person?!? I so wish I could go. Thank goodness for the Internet! The Snowshill Costume collection is available to view online here!

There is still time to enter my vintage pattern giveaway! Details on how to enter can be found here. :)


  1. I want that bonnet. Of course I have no where to wear it or nothing to wear it with, but I really, really like it!!!


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