Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some Engagement Photos!

At last, I have some engagement photos to share with you all! Cori and I have been engaged since last January but didn't get around to having photos done until this fall. It was a very chilly October day, especially with the wind off the lake. I'm so glad I had my fur cape. A HUGE thank you to Cori's mom for taking these! Sadly, I can't share the locations of our photo shoot because its all private property. We had to get special permission to take the photos, and on top of that I can only share some of them. I can say though, that it's a place Cori spent a lot of time at when he was younger and it's one of the first places he took me to when we started dating. So needless to say its special to both of us. We actually considered one spot as a location for our wedding but logistically there was no way to make it work.

Anyway, on to the photos!

Check out Cori's amazing 1940s pinstripe suit from Morning Glorious Vintage! It's 3 separate pieces and royal blue with little white pinstripes. This is the one I mentioned he bought when we went to the Roaring 20s Lawn Party back in July. We couldn't believe how well it fit, it was as though the suit were made just for him. He is planning to wear it for our wedding which will be a 1940s theme. How perfect is that?

I love my little black dress from Wildfell Hall Vintage. What I thought were little side drapes on the dress turned out to be pockets! That was a nice little surprise. :) It's hard to see in the pictures but the waist area is trimmed with red, blue, and green sequins in a flower design. My shoes came from Honey Talk Vintage. The shop had an awesome 50% off sale this fall. I've worn them a couple times now and they are super comfortable!

Photo - Honey Talk Vintage
Photo - Wildfell Hall Vintage
We also had the chance to visit will a family friend who graciously allowed us to take a few photos with his antique cars. One of which was a dark green 1930s REO Speed Wagon. So cool!

The 1930s REO Speed Wagon!
Suit - Morning Glorious Vintage
Hat - Gift
Tie - Thrifted

Shoes - Honey Talk Vintage
Fur wrap - Gift


  1. These images are truly special. How wonderful to have a finance who partakes in vintage too! Last summer I had my son dress in vintage attire and he was super cute with his suspenders and newsboy cap. He got quite a bit of attention at a jazz dance we went too. I just love your dress and the whole outfit. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. You truly look like you stepped back in time. It's also quite special to have a "secret" place that you two are only aware of. A very special idea.

  2. What a fantastic photo shoot!

  3. This was such a charming and unique way to capture one of the most special events in your lives. You two look fantastic!

    (And congrats again, too!!! Hope the wedding plans are progressing well and smoothly!)

  4. Heartwarmingly beautiful, romantic images. As Joanna said above, it's flat out awesome that your honey is keen to sport yesteryear threads, too. How lovely that he'll be wearing the same suit for your wedding, too. That really has an old-fashioned element to it, as folks typically wore their (same set of) good clothes for far more events then we do nowadays, where it seems almost every new going on calls for further clothing purchases.

    ♥ Jessica


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