Monday, May 12, 2014

Cherry Sweater - A Long Overdue Post

Hello all! I have for you today a post that is very long overdue. This awesome reproduction 1940s sweater was made for me by the incredibly talented Regiane of Cool & Vintage Knitting. It was a Valentine's Day present for myself. :) A few of you may recognize this style sweater as Regiane has made a few of them for other people. Including this cute short sleeve version made for Jessica of Chronically Vintage. I first fell in love with this design when I saw it on Jessica's blog.

It can get very chilly in New England so during the cooler months I pretty much live in sweaters. Regiane was wonderful to work with. We exchanged a few emails and discussed what size to make, the design, and materials. The sweater is made from 100% acrylic which makes it very easy to wash. I love my wool sweaters but they can be harder to care for.

The sweater was packaged very neatly in this little box. Look how sweet is is! Not sure what I will use it for but I had to save the box.

Along with the sweater Regiane included two little cards with information on how to wash and care for the sweater. She cautions against wearing rings or other sharp objects when putting the sweater on. That's because the red and green threads connecting the cherries on the inside could catch and snag. A good piece of advice!

The sweater with it's lovely packaging. :)
Sweater with washing and care instructions
Here it is fresh out of the box! It has stretched a little bit with wear but is super comfortable.

I actually wore the sweater a couple times before I finally had a chance to get some pictures wearing it. (Thank you Cori!) Because the sweater is on the short side I paired it with my 1970s U.S. Navy surplus denim pants that have a high waist. Actually the pants sit at the natural waist. I need more pants like these. (I realize now, looking back at my pictures and Jessica's that we styled the sweater pretty much the same way. My apologies for being a copy cat! :) )

Oh, and this is pretty much what my hair looks like on a normal, non vintage day. It's straight and boring.

You can see more of Regiane's work on her blog Vintage & Cool Knitting and on her Facebook page. Fancy a cute vintage sweater of your own? You can contact Regiane through either site to have her make one just for you!


  1. Super cute Emily! I also oogled over Jessica's an Regiane made me a love bow red top. She does such an awesome job. You look beautiful in your sweater.

  2. Cute sweater. And it looks great on you! =)

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad to know that you liked this much!
    Thank you so much for all the compliments! Means a lot!
    I am more than happy to have one of my knitting pieces featuring in your blog!
    I'm really grateful! Read your post just made my Friday! ♥

  4. What an adorable little jumper, I just love cherries on things. You look lovely x

  5. Thank you ladies! It's getting a little warm for sweaters now but I know I will be wearing this a lot when the weather turns cool again.

    Joanna, I love your bow sweater too. So cute!

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! (Yes, these photos and your new sweater from Regiane warranted three awesomes! :))

    I'm thrilled to have "introduced" you two and love that you have the long sleeved version of the same sweater I do. You've styled it fabulously here and look as cute as a button and pretty as a picture.

    ♥ Jessica


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