Monday, April 27, 2015

Photo Contest Inspiration Part 2

OK ladies, just a few days left! Several of you mentioned you would like to participate in my "Color Recipes for Spring" photo contest but so far only one person has sent me photos. Don't worry you still have time! You can email me at vintagevisions27 (at) gmail (dot) com. The deadline is Sunday May 3rd. The winner will be announced in early May and receive a special prize.

- Please Note! I'm moving the deadline back to May 3rd to give everyone a few more days. That also give me more time to put together the prize. :) -
Just a quick recap on the contest details for those who may have missed my earlier post. The goal is to create a 1930s or 1940s outfit using inspiration from this newspaper article. The only requirements are your outfit must be 1930s or 1940s and inspired by the color descriptions in the newspaper article provided. Feel free to use any combination of vintage, reproduction or new items (as long as they fit the theme) to create your outfit. (OLL gals feel free to use items purchased through that group - I know many of you have scored some amazing things! - and let me know if you have done so.) Email your photo with a short description. If you have a blog or other website let me know so I can link back to you when I share the photos. Photos will be shared here on my blog as well as in a special album on my Facebook page.

Here are my "Vintage Color Recipes" outfits to help inspire you. This past weekend was finally warm enough to take some photos outside. Well, Saturday anyway. Things are starting to turn green at last! I was very pleased to see I few spring blubs in the gardens too. Since we moved into our new house in September, I never had the chance to see what kind of flowers might be in the gardens because most everything had gone by at that point. I don't plan to do much with the gardens this year other then weeding and taking notes on what comes up. I do think I will be ordering more spring bulbs because those first splashes of color are a must after a long winter. Particularly like the one we just had!

So on to my first outfit. Of all the color descriptions in the Dallas article, this one about the red shoes and bags stuck out to me the most. Like many people, when I think of spring colors I think of pinks, yellows, light blues and greens. All those wonderful pastel colors that suddenly appear everywhere just before Easter. I don't have many pastels in my wardrobe, vintage or modern. But as you will see below, I did manage to put together a pink outfit. :) Reading through these descriptions and going through my vintage clothing and accessories was a lot of fun. And in doing so I learned a number of things. It really made me think about colors and the many ways to mix and match to make the most of your wardrobe.

- I have more colors in my vintage closet then I thought, that being said I need to add the following colors; Lime green, Cyclamen, and in general more pastels.
- I never would have thought about pairing lime green with navy blue!
- Brown for spring? Who knew!

I didn't have a lime green or chartreuse dress so I went with gold/mustard yellow. This dress was purchased through the Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop Facebook group. As I write this post I realize that the only green dress I have is my 2014 Sew for Victory dress. It's not lime or chartreuse but more of a minty green. Still, I may try another photo shoot in the future and pair it with the accessories you see below.

And finally we come to dark-red shoes and bags, preferably in alligator, please, and sometimes referred to as mulberry, claret, wine Burgundy. If you must ... the budget rears its head .... you can have your alligator simulated. Or, if and alligator scared your mother, you can still have accessories in one of these deep rich reds in pigskin, suede, or a fabric.

    Shoes and bag worn with the following, and you'll look good enough to eat: ...
2) A chartreuse dress, dark red coat, soft blue hat, light beige gloves.   

 Personally I think this outfit would be better for late summer or fall. Although with a lime green or chartreuse dress I could certainly see it for spring.

Outfit details - Gold and Red
Dress - Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop Facebook group
Gloves, Bangles and Purse- Thrifted
Shoes - Ebay

Here you see the same gold dress but this time paired with green gloves, shoes, and purse. All three came to me together and have a very special story which I will be sharing in a future post. The little straw hat is one I reshaped and added velvet ribbon to. You may remember it from photos of my green Sew for Victory dress. 

Outfit details - Gold and Green
Dress - Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop Facebook group
Hat -  My own creation
Gloves, Shoes and Purse- Ebay

The article didn't mention much about pink. And as it turns out it's a color I don't have a ton of anyway. I did, however, recently pick up this little pink dress at a local shop a few weeks back. It's a bit worn but was just fine to wear for these pictures. It's hard to tell but the pink fabric has little white dots but on close inspections you can see that most of them have faded from the shoulders and sleeves.

Outfit details - Thinking Pink
Dress - Vintage Vermont Antique Shop
Gloves and Purse - Thirfted
Pin - Brimfield Flea Market

Sunday was overcast and rainy so I had to resort to taking photos inside. This didn't last long because I had too much "help" from my fluffy friends. Sorry for the poor photo quality, my lighting was not very good.

I don't have a blue pinstripe suit but I do have fabric and a pattern. That counts right?

Navy is a long-time favorite every spring. Combined with white touches, you've got something. Our frosted ensemble required the following: With navy shoes and navy bag, a two-piece navy suit, white frilly blouse, white hat, white veil. ...

Navy and Red.
(1) If you prefer the lipstick red, choose a narrow leather belt, a shoulder bouquet, and a ribbon band for your hat in the red. Wear it with a navy skirt, a navy jacket with a white chalk stripe, navy sailor, navy shoes, bag and white gloves.

(2) If you prefer the bright red, wear a navy blue suit with polka-dot taffeta collar, navy straw hat with a white and bright red ribbon crown, navy shoes and  bag, white gloves. 

Blue dress - made by me using DuBarry 2413B (See more photos here)
Flowers - from my wedding and made by 1940s Style For You on Etsy
Gloves, scarf, etc. - Thrifted

Brown is really the last color I want to wear in spring but I can see with the right accessories it could be very pretty.
Noble Idea.
Because of the popularity of some colors, there will be some who will wear a less popular color in order to be individual. Thus brown is literally and figuratively a dark horse for spring. ... 

Brown suit - Morning Glorious Vintage (see more photos of it here)
Orange turban- made by me
Gloves, purse. - Thrifted
Bangles - Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop Facebook group

So there you have it! I can't wait to see what you ladies come up with. :) Oh and just a note about the prize, I've been working on a couple turbans/dusting caps from a vintage pattern. I'll be including one as part of my prize package.


  1. Oh, all of the ensembles you came up with are positively GORGEOUS Emily! Though I have to say I am torn between the yellow and the pink dress as to which is my favorite.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. I really love the forest green accessories with the yellow dress, it's color I don't have much of in my wardrobe but it really is great and looks super with this dress. And the pink outfit! Oh my! I adore the bow rhinestone brooch, and your hat and gloves are perfect! Really beautiful styling Emily. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  3. The yellow dress is absolutely stunning! Wonderful job!


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