Friday, April 29, 2016

Great Hair Fridays - 1920s Hair Products

A quick post today for Great Hair Fridays. Here are some images of 1920s hair products. Enjoy!
West Electric Hair Curler Company’s Hair Curlers – Why there are over fifty million West Electric Hair Curlers in Daily Use (1923) Source - Vintageadbrowser
Martha Matilda Harper’s Harper Method Tonique – Bobbed hair- is easy to dress this new way (1924)

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  1. I could really use those tools! I've gotta find a new way to do my waves, I have to do mine practically dripping wet to hold any waves with my straight-as-a-board fine hair. It's always good to have a few ways of dressing hair because, I think. Thanks for posting these informitives! It's given me an idea. I love everything you post!


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