Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting to know you

So it's been about 2 months now since I created my blog. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to blogging but I'm really enjoying myself. It's fun to be able to share my sewing projects or some costume-related interests with like-minded people. As I mentioned in my what I'm "sew grateful" post, I started my blog after being inspired by some great blogs created by some very talented individuals. The online community really is an awesome resource!
One of the features I like about Blogger is that it keeps track of the number of people who view my blog, traffic sources, etc. I'm a little bit discouraged, however, by the lack of feedback from readers. I realize that there are so (sew?) many blogs out there and that my own is still very new. It will take time for people to discover it. Also not everyone likes to leave comments, and that's ok. On the blogs I follow I try to leave comments to let the person know I've enjoyed their post, found it helpful or inspiring, etc. Unfortunately, I've had technical difficulties posting comments on a few peoples blogs. Not sure why, maybe it has something to do with that blog's format? I'm not able to comment on a lot of blogs that have embedded comments at the bottom of the page but I can post on blogs that have a separate comments page that pops up. Any thoughts?

A few questions for those of you who have been blogging for a while...

-How did you feel when you first started your blog and what made you decide to create your blog?
-How long did it take to build up a sizable following? (I see a lot of people hosting giveaways when they reach a certain number of followers. I'm thinking I might do the same thing someday.)
 -What do you enjoy most about blogging? 
-I see that some of you have sponsors listed on your blogs. Do you need to have a sewing/clothing related business to get a sponsor?

I have a few ideas for future blog posts in mind but would be open to suggestions as well. I would love to hear from those of you reading my blog! Please feel free to leave a comment or to send me an email at 
And thank you! :)


  1. I started my blog to separate RL/fannish stuff from academic/costuming - I've been using Livejournal since 2004, and I have a lot of friends there that I met through various fandoms, and most of them are interested in this stuff but not really interested, so I wanted someplace where I didn't feel guilty that my readers were bored with me. I also wanted to be able to point people to my historical fashion stuff without connecting them to my LJ. And everyone seemed to be moving to Blogger then.

    (I don't have a sizable following, probably because I don't post pictures of sewing projects - I just don't have the time, or the money, or the reason right now.)

    I enjoy doing research, and sharing my findings with other people. I like being helpful! And I enjoy the potential for sew-alongs and group projects.

  2. -How did you feel when you first started your blog and what made you decide to create your blog?
    Hi! I hope you don't mind me answering.

    I never have had a very sizeable following. My LJ blog has maybe 100 or so followers - with a core of 35. It took about a year and a half to get any sort of following. For tumblr, it was a lot quicker. Blogspot is still pretty small for me - mostly because I have a lot of google readers and people following the same blog via tumblr or twitter. However, I'm not concerned about the amount of followers. Most of my posts are for me as a way to keep up on research. It helps me to go back and see what I've learned over the years and remember big events better. That's what I enjoy about blogging - that and the wonderful friendships I have made over the internet that have turned into RL friendships.

    I don't understand the idea of sponsors unless you are a professional blogger (ie, that's how you pay your mortgage/rent). I don't want someone else telling me what to post. If I feel like I want to make 20 posts about my pup or my cat, I can. With a sponsor, you are limited by what they tell you to write.

  3. Hi ladies,
    Thank you for your feedback. I didn't really think about it before, but having a way to look back on my projects, research and what I've learned is another great reason for having a blog.

    Isabella - I knew there had to be a catch with sponsors! ;)


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