Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just in time for Memorial Day

I've been following Sew Weekly for awhile now and have really enjoyed seeing everyone's completed projects. This week's theme was the 1940s and I knew I had to make something. This winter I purchased a great 1940s suit and made a pattern from the skirt.

The pattern has five pieces; one back piece with the pleat cut on the fold. Two side back pieces, one center front, and a waistband. I a lovely leftover piece of cranberry wool and as you can see in the picture below, I had just enough for the skirt.

The center back seam was stitched first and then the pleat was set. Next I attached the side back pieces and finally the front. There is a 6" zipper on the left side of the skirt and a snap on the waistband. I need to make a few minor adjustments to the pattern but over all I'm happy with it and will certainly wear it again.

Cori and I took our annual trip to Quechee Gorge Village today to check out the antique store so I thought I would wear the skirt. I didn't have a chance to iron the skirt so please forgive the frumpy looking seams.

My Vintage Visions vintagevisions27.blogspotMy Vintage Visions vintagevisions27.blogspot

This is the "Victory" pin I purchased today. I've been looking for one of these for the longest time. It was a perfect match for my new skirt! I picked up some other really neat things but I'm saving them for a separate post. :)

My Vintage Visions vintagevisions27.blogspot

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