Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quick gown update

As I mentioned before, my purple and white gown is on hold for the moment. But I want to give you all a quick update on it. It's still very much in progress but I'm pretty happy with how the back pleats came out.

You can see in the photo below the back panel with the pleats stitched in place and the lining for the gown fronts attached. Also one of the side skirt panels. Not a perfect matching of the floral print but I like the overall look. The panels for the gown skirts are cut and stitch together and are ready to be attached to the bodice. I still need to cut sleeves and the bodice fronts. My deadline for this gown was April 14th but I've pushed it back until the 1st of June.


  1. *satisfied sigh* Oooooo, Emily, I LOVE it! The matching is as close as I think you could possibly get with this pattern. It looks perfect to me. This is going to be stunning when it's finished!

  2. Thanks Rebecca. Here's hoping I can finish it for my event in June!


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