Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Miniatures - Officers of the 20th Regiment of Foot

As a member of a group who portrays the 20th Regiment of Foot during the American Revolution, these two finds were of particular interest to me. It's not often that you have a face, or even names for that matter, to go along with a particular portrayal.

The 20th came to North America during the winter of 1777-78 and were stationed in Quebec. They took part in Burgoyne's campaign and were interned following the battles of Saratoga. Most of the men were held in New York for the remainder of the war. I don't know for certain if Captain Stanley was here in the colonies but he would have been in his mid 20s during the war. Handsome fellow, don't you think?
The image was from an online auction site and unfortunately I was not able to find a large image.

George Williams c. 1800

Captain John Stanley (1750-1783)

And for my American re-enactor friends, this miniature Captain Daniel Parker (1757-1796) in the form of a brooch. It is in the collections of the Morristown National Historical Park, MORR 3986

Portrait Brooch of Captain Daniel Parker, Morristown National Historical Park, MORR 3986
For more information about 18th and early 19th century miniatures please see:
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