Friday, June 1, 2012

Prom Night! - Jenn's Finished Dress

I finally have pictures of Jenn in her dress! Ok, so prom was actually two weeks ago, but hey better late then never right? I can't take credit for the photos, just the dress. ;) You can see additional photos and read about how the dress was made here.

The prom was held at the Hartness House Inn. This year's theme was "Starry Night." Jenn and her date arrived in style in a classic car and walked the red carpet.

The photo to the right was taken inside the Hartness House Inn. It's a little washed out but I think it shows the actual color of the dress rather well. In some of the photos taken outdoors the dress looks purple. It's really a dark royal blue.

Jenn sent me a Google+ link with tons of pictures but sadly I can't show them all. I think these last two are my favorites of the bunch. It sounded like everyone had a great time! Sort of made me wish I could go to prom again! Maybe one of these days I'll dig out photos from my junior and senior proms to share.

I really enjoyed working on this dress as was so excited to Jenn wear it. She looked stunning. Looks like I might be making prom dresses next year as well.

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