Friday, December 14, 2012

Great Hair Fridays - Not all Flappers Bobbed their Hair

It's been awhile since my last Great Hair Friday post. As I've been working a 1920s gown I figured today would be a good time to focus on hairstyles for that time period.

The most well-known hair style of the roaring 20s was the short bob. Louise Brooks and Clara Bow bow helped popularize this style. Now, the question "to bob or not to bob?" I imagine was a rather personal one. Has anyone ever read Bernice Bobs Her Hair by F. Scott Fitzgerald? You can read the story here. Have you ever wondered where the term "bobbie pin" came from? The article, The Bob, by Michael Warner has some great insight on history of bobbed hair.

As I've been searching for inspiration on how to style my hair for the upcoming Downton Abbey event, I began to notice something. Not all fashionable flappers bobbed their hair. I've come across several examples of well dressed ladies who appear to have longer locks. 

Not only are these awesome fashion plates, they are good examples of hair styles. Look at the women on the far right in each plate. Notice something?

French fashion plate, mid 1920s

Evening dresses, 1928 UK, Woman’s Journal

Here is another of what looks like a bun at the nape of the neck.

McCalls Magazine 1926, evening dresses
I think the photo below is one of the nicest examples of a longer 1920s hair style I've come across. Hard to tell whether her hair is parted down the middle or off to the side. However, for someone with longer hair like myself, this would be a very easy style to achieve. I love her necklace too. :) Another beautiful example here. Be sure to check out the rest of the 1920s gallery from MyVintageVogue.

I'll leave you today with this must see video - Hottest Hair Styles of the Roaring Twenties. I love the variety of styles that are shown but even better is that you get to see the hair being styled by both hair dressers and individual women. The first part of the video is all styles for longer hair. :) Also a great look at hair combs and other accessories. It doesn't get much better then this!


  1. I have an article in one of my magazines that's all about hair - one of the women they interviewed describes something like two braids crossing at the back of the head, with the ends tucked in. I'll look it up again for you!

  2. Thank you for this. I have very long hair and I'm never sure how to do it for 1920's styles. This is incredibly useful!

  3. Hi Ladies, you're welcome. Once I figure out how to do my hair I'll post a little how to.
    Cassidy, that article would be neat to see! Thanks.

  4. This is an interesting topic that I've reflected on before, too. In my younger days my "blink" response would have been that I'd never have cut off all my locks, but as I get older, I'm not really phased by cutting my hair to various lengths any more, so if I was suddenly transported back to the 20s, I might very well jump on the bob band wagon, too.

    One of my favourite sources of (modern) inspiration for longer 1920s hairstyles has been the TV show Boardwalk Empire, where some of the main female characters have very long hair, which is generally worn in various types of buns and back rolls.

    ♥ Jessica


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