Thursday, December 20, 2012

Help me get focused - What would you like to read about?

Vintage sewing machine advertisement - Source
As the one year anniversary of my blog approaches, I find myself reflecting on many things and wondering ... What are people really interested in reading about? When I first started this blog my goal was to "share some of the things I have learned by studying and recreating historic and vintage clothing and show a few items in my own collection."

I realize that my posts are somewhat random and I tend to bounce around different topics and time periods. With so many different interests I sometimes find it hard to stay focused! That's partly why I started my Facebook page. It's been a great place for me to share little bits here and there without devoting a whole blog post to the topic.

I never really intended My Vintage Visions to be a straight sewing or clothing blog. Nor did I plan to stick to one historical time period. I wanted to offer something a little different but something that represents myself and personal interests. I've tried to incorporate a series of either weekly or monthly posts that you can count on to be here such as Great Hair Fridays and Color of the Month. Of course that hasn't always happened.

I've often thought about doing a series of "what I wore" posts, but other then my 18th century events and the occasional photo shoot, I don't usually "dress up." However, working vintage or vintage inspired clothing into my everyday wardrobe is something I'm slowly trying to do. I collect and sew the stuff so I might as well wear it too, right? ;)

I don't claim to be an expert on any aspect of vintage or antique clothing, accessories, etc. I simply enjoy these things and greatly appreciate their history and the care taken to create them. Over the years I have learned a great deal through my own research as well as working with others far more knowledgeable then myself.
So, my lovely readers, this is where you can help me out.

What kinds of posts would you like to read in 2013?

* Fun vintage and antique finds from my research and travels
* Posts and/or photos about the various vintage and antique things I've collected (I just finished taking a ton of photos of one of my original 1920s gowns so there will be at least one of these posts in the near future.)
* How-to posts - probably wont be too many but I have a few things in mind
* Sewing projects - what I'm working on and photos of completed projects
* Posts about historic sites, museums, etc.
* More posts related to research and resources - such as my post on using period images or "Spotting Handkerchiefs in Art"
* Weekly/monthly posts that highlight a particular time period, person, or aspect of clothing
* Reviews of books, patterns, etc. 

I'm open to other suggestions as well. I would love to hear your feedback!


  1. I am perfectly happy to follow you wherever your fancy takes you. I've been enjoying all your posts.

  2. I like variety, so your current style of blogging suits me just fine! If something inspires you, it will be interesting to read.

  3. I would love to see some posts on the things in your collection.

  4. I very much love 18th century clothing posts...whether how-tos, research, you dressed up...anything! :)


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