Friday, August 2, 2013

Checking Things Off the Project List

It's been over a year in the making but my 18th century purple and white cotton gown is just about finished! The gown still needs cuffs and a stomacher but other than that it's ready to go, just in time for the event at OSV this weekend. Yeah, one big project done! The first outing of a new gown is always the most fun, don't you agree? :) I can't wait to have some pictures of the finished gown to share with all of you.

These are not the best pictures (crummy cell photo pics, sorry) but here's a quick look at the sleeves before they were finished and attached to the bodice. They are lined with white linen and the seams are lapped. You can sort of see where I had to piece the end of one sleeve. I really should have purchased an extra yard of this fabric so I would have enough for the gown AND a matching petticoat but at the time I was only thinking of the gown. Oops! For me, 4 yards of 52"-54" wide fabric is plenty to make 1750s to 1770s style gowns leaving enough for cuffs and a stomacher. (All my wool and linen gowns are untrimmed.) 2 yards of the same width fabric is also enough for a petticoat. So far I have not made a gown using narrower fabric as most linens and gown wight wools these days come in wider widths. If I were to use 36" wide fabric I think I would plan on purchasing somewhere between 5 and 6 yards plus extra for a matching petticoat. Silks are another story.... I think I purchased 10 yards of 60" wide silk taffeta for my green sacque and probably still will not have enough to fully trim the gown as planned.

The petticoat for this gown, which I have not started, will need to be pieced using a different fabric. Probably white linen or cotton as that is what I have on hand. I need to measure what I have left but I think it's just over a yard of this lovely purple floral. The upper back portion of the petticoat will be hidden under the gown so any mis-matched fabric will not show. I won't have time to make the petticoat before the event on Saturday so the plan is to wear the gown with another petticoat for now and bring the extra material with me. I also plan to bring my linen mitts to finish so I can cross those of my summer project list as well. :)

By the way, don't for get to enter my vintage pattern giveaway! Details on how to enter can be found here. It's my way of saying thank to all of you. :)


  1. Awesome work!!! Oh yes, I completely agree! There is something so magical and especially meaningful about the first time a new garment is worn - especially so if it's taken you a long time to find or make. Sometimes I even hold onto a new garment for a spell before debuting just to try and enjoy the lead up excitement of donning it for the first time for a while longer. :)

    Wishing you a gorgeous weekend, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Emily, I didn't realize you were "Vintage Visions Emily" when we met yesterday in the gazebo!


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