Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Inspirational Vintage Journey

The lovely Joanna of Dividing Vintage Moments is hosting a giveaway! To enter the giveaway Joanna is asking bloggers to share ten items that inspire your vintage journey. After a bit of thought here is what I came up with.

Dividing Vintage Moments giveaway prizes

1. Old Hollywood movies 
My Girl Friday, Casablanca, and anything with stars like Dianna Durbin, Vivian Leigh, and Clark Gable. These older movies are very entertaining. I like watching them for the costumes too.

 2. Vintage patterns and magazines. 
When in doubt go straight to the sources!

Movie still from Casablanca
3. Original vintage and antique clothing
You can't beat the real thing! I'm always saving images for future reference and inspiration. The dress below was the main inspiration for my Downton Abbey dress.

My 1920s dream dress, green lamé fabric - Vintage Textiles
4. Single items like a hat or pair of shoes. 
I really enjoy taking one or two items and building a whole outfit around them.

5. Historic sites.
Who doesn't like to dress up when going to a historic site. I'm sure I'm not alone in admitting that I've planned an entire outfit around a location or historical event that I will be visiting. :) Colonial Williamsburg, anyone?

6. Historical Figures
There are just too many too name. We can learn so much from the people who lived before us.

7. Auction previews, antique shops, and thrift stores. 
 I often go to places with certain things in mind. The exciting part is discovering something you didn't expect to find. A good example would be the original Women Ordinance Worker's (WOW) head scarf that I saw in a shop in Gettysburg, PA. If only I had the money for that!! Auction previews are great because they give you the opportunity to look at up close and handle some items that you would not be able to otherwise. There is a local auction house that I like to go that that specializes in fine art and antiques. We're talking museum quality in many cases! Sit in an original 18th century chair or try on an art deco diamond ring that I will NEVER be able to afford? Um, ok! You never know what you are going to find and the best part is looking is free. :)

Tiffany & Co. Art Deco diamond and ruby platinum ring - Source
8. Family history. 
I had a great aunt who hitch hiked cross country with a friend to see the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. I'd say that's inspiring! There are also several veterans on both sides of the family and I'm always in awe of those who have served our country.

Uniform shirt that belonged to Cori's grandfather. He served between WWII and the Korean War as a paratrooper. The jump wings belong to Cori's brother who is currently in the Army.

9. Blogs and Bloggers! 
I really enjoy seeing what other bloggers and costumers are working on. There is always something new to learn from my favorite blogs.

10. My darling fiance. 
Yes Cori, I'm mentioning you on my blog again! If ever there was a guy who enjoyed playing dress up, it's him. He is just as crazy about historical clothing as I am so I guess it's a good thing we're getting married. Seriously, this is what he does on the weekends, no lie.

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  1. This is so fabulous that your finance gets in the action with you! How fun to go to the recreation events. I'm so interested to hear how you will make your wedding dress and what will happen with this. Thank you for participating and can I saw how marvelous that Tiffany ring is...I'd love a vintage piece of jewelry like this! I love seeing all the fashion and charm in these old movies. It's great when they can restore them so we can take in all the details. I haven't seen Casablanca in along time. I'd love to watch this again. I saw your 20s dream dress and was thinking that I have a couple of vintage 20s dresses nothing grand or expensive but still rather interesting that I'd love to send you. I know that I won't be able to bring justice to them. I don't think they are quite wearable but the fabrics might be of use for you or maybe if you have some vision you might be able to fix them up. Maybe you might even find use for a couple of the flowers in your wedding dress. Please email me if you'd like them:) I think it's interesting just to see the textile history. It's amazing what has survived in vintage garments. I'm always so impressed by actual civil war dresses still around.


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