Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WWII Victory Pins! - Part 2, Sweetheart Pins

This is part two part of my post on WWII Victory pins. (See part 1 here.) Warning, this post has lots of pictures. :)

To continue from part one, there are two categories of 1940s era pins that I would call "Victory Pins." These are the various pin back buttons and patriotic sweetheart jewelry worn during the Second World War to show support for your country, the war effort, and of course loved ones in the armed forces.

There is such an amazing variety of "sweetheart" jewelry! Some pins and jewelry were mass produced while other were homemade, making them extra special and unique. Some of the most common pins were "son in the service" - little red, white, and blue rectangular pins with one or more blue stars in the middle. Some pins even had a photo of the serviceman attached to them. You could also purchase small flags of the same design to hang in your window. Many military families still use these flags today to show support for a son or daughter in the military. "Mother" pins, appropriately made of mother of pearl, were very popular as were pins that featured the branch of service the "sweetheart" was a part of. 

The following images are examples of some widely produced sweetheart charms as well as more unique and creative patriotic charms I've come across. You can see more "Remember Pearl Harbor" pins here. I would love to have one of these. The one in the college I saw on Ebay. See a lovely collection of original pins here.

I adore the little solider pin, don't you? All pins in this college found at Anderson Militaria
All pins in this college found at Anderson Militaria 
Pearl Harbor pin Ebay, Civil Air Patrol pin Etsy, Clear Lucite heart Etsy, Heart shaped "Mother" pin U S Army insignia Etsy,Mother of Pearl bar pin with U S Air Corps Etsy, Mourning brooch for pilots Etsy
Pins from my collection
 Celluloid soldier and sailor pins anyone? Oh yes please, these are so neat!

Celluloid WWII Soldier Pin - Hey Sailor pin -
Clear Celluloid Sailor - Blue Jeep 
Red Jeep
And let's not forget the most basic yet widely recognizable WWII era pin! The "V" for victory!!

My classic "V" for victory rhinestone pin. I love this pin and have worn to a bunch of times. You've most likely spotted it on a number of my 1940s outfits. :)

Victory Pin Painted metal United States, 1941-1946
Source -

Red and white Bakelite "V" for victory pin - Source

Collection of V for victory pins - Source Marshallamericana
This is an interesting little pin that I purchased on Ebay with an extra bit of patriotic flare! It's actually a combination of two pins. This first being the 3rd Liberty loan pin back button made from celluloid featuring a large "V" and two radio towers on the sides. There is also the Morse code for V "..._" on top. The second pin is the little hand painted metal soldier. Someone combined the two with a small piece of red, white, and blue ribbon, how neat! The ribbon is a bit delicate and as the metal soldier has some weight to it I don't think I would wear this pin for an event for fear of having the ribbon tear.

I hope you have enjoyed my two posts on victory pins. Pins of course were not the only item of jewelry worn. I have seen many examples of necklaces and bracelets too. Even a few sweetheart handkerchiefs. You can view some here. Have some patriotic jewelry of your own? I would love to see it!


  1. I love this post so much, Emily! Excellent job on both of the Victory brooch posts this month. The scope, range of great images, and diversity of brooches/pins covered here is really, really fantastic. I have a wee collection of sweetheart brooches and just got my first ever sweetheart bracelet this month, so this post appealed to me all the more because it's a category of items I actively collect.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you Jessica! I had so much fun working on these posts.

  3. Emily, beautiful page! I am in search of the Vintage Staret "Remember Pearl Harbor" large Brooch with Eagle and Faux Pearl, enameling and rhinestones. It is a very rare sweetheart pin. If you should have one or know of someone that does, my siblings and I are willing to pay top dollar for it. Wish I could post a pic!

  4. Thanks so much for this post. I just picked up a box of costume jewelry at auction and was delighted to find some WWII era goodies in it. A few of them pictured on this page! You really helped me a lot with these photos. Now to see if I can clean them up without damaging them...wish me luck.

  5. I love it when I "just happen upon" your blogspot! Am always looking for the Staret "Remember Pearl Harbor" Brooch, gotta see if you have one in your stash from time to time!

  6. I would like to find an Artel Victory broach/pin. I believe that it's silver plated and in the shape of a small hand making the victory/peace sign. I would like to give this as a gift for a 90 year old women. Would someone please help me!!!
    Larry Rhindress

  7. I'm looking for a Artel victory broach in the shape of a small hand. I believe that it's silver plated. Please help!


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