Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vintage Look A Likes - Fringe!

Thanks to everyone for your kind and caring comments here on my blog as well as my Facebook page. It's never an easy thing to loose a pet, even when you know the end is coming. Yellow was a very sweet kitty and I think he lived happy life, almost 18 years! We have just one kitty now, Simba, who seems to be a little lonely. He's getting extra cuddles so he knows he's loved. I might even let him sit on a sewing project or two because that seems to make him happy! He thinks he's an excellent helper but those of us with cats know better. ;)

So, on to today's post...

Some time ago I came across this image of Loretta Young wearing a truly stunning dress with long fringe sleeves. And the skirt is dripping with fringe too! Just incredible! This image alone is enough to make you drool. But wait there's more!

Loretta Young
While not an exact match it reminded me of this stunning dress listed on Ebay. Some may laugh but, at least for a few minutes anyway, I considered this as a wedding dress because it was so interesting and different! Sadly I felt there were too many imperfections for the price and well ... it was just a little too different.

Source - Ebay
Source - Ebay

Source - Ebay
And just for fun, here's another dress with fringe from the same time period as Loretta Young. This one is of Rosalind Russell in 1936 wearing a dress by Dolly Tree.

Rosalind Russell in a dress by Dolly Tree, 1936

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