Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sew For Victory in the Home Stretch

Just a quick post today. I'm putting the finishing touches on my Sew For Victory dress. Last night I use my mom's awesome Bernina sewing machine to blind stitch the hem of the dress. So much faster then doing it by hand! The belt is done and the collar still needs lace trim. Oddly enough, the pattern does not say how the collar is attached to the dress. So I think I'll take a few stitches here and there to tack it to the neckline, otherwise I can see it shifting all over the place. The side placket is finished and looks surprisingly neat! I ran out of silver snaps so I might have to add a couple black ones to finish it but I'm fine with that. AND! I found a slip that will work under the dress. So yeah almost done! :)

Here's a quick look at the belt and bone (maybe it's shell?) buckle. Not a great picture because I used my cell phone. Hoping for some sunshine for Friday afternoon so I can try the dress on with my hat and shoes and take some pictures!!


  1. Lovely fabric, looks like the pattern envelope:)

  2. That is a touch strange indeed (re: the collar). Is it possible that this pattern was aiming for the collar to be detachable so that ladies back in the day could swap it with other detachable collars in their wardrobe?

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That dress is so pretty! I am in love with the color green. You style it very well! Merry from


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