Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pattern Inspiration - Sew for Victory 2014

It took some time to decide what I wanted to work on for Sew For Victory this year. I'm really happy with the pattern and fabric I picked. So far the dress is going together smoothly. I'd say I'm about 3/4 of the way finished as of this week! Yeah! It's down to the finishing details - hemming, attaching bias facing to the neck and sleeve edges, side placket, etc. I'm not thrilled with how the gathering turned out on the bodice but that was partly my fault for not looking closely at the pattern before diving in. Ah well, live and learn.

I'm sure many of you have already picked your patterns but I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the 1930s and 1940s patterns in my stash. Some I have used but many I have not. But I swear I plan to!! Here's a quick look at the patterns I've made up.

I should really make one of these collages for the 1930s. :)
Du Barry 2413 - Here and here
Simplicity1469 - Winter Formal Dress
Simplicity 1668 - Dress for a Summer Wedding
Mail Order pattern 2588 and - Polka Dot Blouse and Slacks
Advance Pattern 4199 - The Red and White Swing Dress

Most of these I've uploaded to my Facebook album but a few I have not. I have a couple 1920s patterns to add as well. The Simplicity pattern below I started working on last year. The plan was to have the dress ready to wear for the WWII event in Stowe but the fabric I picked turned out to be a poor choice. The dress has pleats that extend from the bodice down into the skirt. My fabric wanted to shift all over the place and I couldn't get the pleats to look nice. Maybe someday I'll tackle that dress and try to finish it but I'll admit it's not very high on my sewing list at the moment.

These two I bought along with McCall 3306. Oh the hats!! I'm really excited about McCall 3143 because it includes both a dress AND coat pattern.

Dresses, pajama, and play suits, oh my! :)

Check out the novelty print on Vogue pattern 5643. It has horses! wish I could find some fabric just like it. :)

Vogue 5643
This was a very close second for Sew For Victory. Extra wide pj pants? Yes please!


  1. Gosh, how to select just one! They all look so grand. I got my blouse finished yesterday! It really makes you appreciate home sewn clothes when you have to make them yourself:)

  2. Goodness, these are fantastic! I'm especially smitten with the first. Blazers/jackets and skirts feel like just about the only thing I want to wear these days, while we're still swinging between chilliness and springs's first attempts at real warmth.

    Wishing you all the best with the last 1/4th of your project.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Joanna, I saw you post today. Your blouse turned out so well. Beautiful job!

    Jessica, I love that pattern too. I should really make up that jacket because I think I would get a lot of wear out of it, especially during cooler weather. I have a similar modern jacket made out of corduroy that I love for cooler spring/fall days.


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