Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1920s Bachelorette Party on Star Island

This will likely be my last post for a couple weeks. As some of you may know, Cori and I closed on our new house and are in the process of moving in. Also our wedding is coming up in two weeks and I need to get my act together and make sure everything is in order. Last minute things to coordinate and lots of stuff to pack for decorating the reception area. I'm looking forward to the day itself but I'll be glad to have all the planning, coordinating, stress, etc. behind me. I'm ready to move on to other things.

Today's post will be short on text but full of pictures! Back in August my friends surprised me with tickets for Gatsby on the Isles for my bachelorette party. We joined some fellow vintage fans from the GBVS, hopped on a ferry boat and headed out to Star Island for a 1920s themed adventure.

The history of the island, the second largest of nine rocky islands ten miles southeast of the mouth of the Piscataqua River, goes back hundreds of years. The Star Island Corporation has owned and operated Star Island since 1916. The Oceanic House is the largest structure on Star Island and has long served as a place of retreat.

Jill looks said because we told her we ate all the chocolate. Don't worry, we saved her some! :)
After a 2 hour ferry ride which included a narrated history of Portsmouth harbor, the Isles of Shoals and the New Hampshire Seacoast, we arrived and were ready for lunch. The girls and I set up our picnic blanket, listened to some live music, and relaxed. Then we explored the island.

Warning. Silly things happen when these girls and I get together!

I wore the dress I made for the 1920s Downton Abby event last year. It's the dress I got engaged in so it seemed fitting to wear again for the bachelorette party.

Erin borrowed the same dress my friend Jen wore for the Roaring 20s Lawn Party.

At the end of the day we boarded the ferry once more. A few people stayed behind at the hotel but they came to the dock to see us off.

The ferry ride back. It was much warmer then the ride to the island in the morning!
After arriving back in Portsmouth we changed and went out for dinner. My hair was an absolute mess by the end of the day. But look, I got new sunglasses! Our waiter said that even though it wasn't my birthday it was a special occasion so he put a candle in our brownie sundae!

It was a wonderful day!


  1. What a beautiful way to have a bachelorette party! So much joy coming your way:) Exciting times! Can't wait to hear all about the wedding too! These are beautiful images and so fun to have your friends around.

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. =)

  3. 1920s Bachelorette Party!! It is very interesting my dear. Thanks for sharing the party pictures! My sister is also getting married and she just booked best bachelorette party nyc venue. They offered free event planning services too. I feel it was the best deal!


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