Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Second Annual Roaring 20s Lawn Party

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in posts lately, there is so much going on right now. We are a little more then one month from the wedding and neck deep in finalizing the purchase of our first home! Yikes! So yeah, life is just a little stressful right now. I have to say I'm overwhelmed with the number of people who viewed and commented on my post about the 1920s beach party! Thank you to everyone who commented and/or shared my post. My goodness, according to my blog stats it's now one of my highest viewed posts ever! This is thanks in large part to Lauren of American Duchess sharing it on her Facebook page. Thank you Lauren!!

As promised here are some pictures from the second annual Roaring 20s Lawn Party held at the Crane Estate. The weather was much cooler then last year and very comfortable. The event was postponed a week due to rain so there were not as many people this time. However, I think everyone had an enjoyable time.

We walked to the end of the rolling lawn for a few pictures.

Cori and I both wore the same outfits from our polo match outing in July. Julia wore the cotton robe de style I helped her make with a sash borrowed from her sister Jen. Jen raided my vintage clothing and wore an original cotton 20s dress. I love the embroidery and smocking on this dress.

We played Bocce ball and badminton . However, I don't have any pictures of our badminton game.

The girls also posed for some silly pictures.

 More photos from the event here!



  1. Beautiful attire and what a great event to attend:) I love the simplicity and elegance of your outfit. Thank you for sharing these wonderful images. I'd love to attend one day:)

  2. How fun! And I love the location! :-)

  3. Oh what fun! I love Roaring 20s parties!! It looks like everyone had a fabulous time!! And what fun!! A wedding getting closer and closer!

  4. you look absolutely gorgeous a vision of twenties beauty so happy I found your blog

    retro rover

    1. Thank you so much! Happy to have you following along. :)

  5. I swear, all of these fabulous 20s/30s parties this summer have made me seriously start to contemplate an ensemble from that era myself. It's a time period I adore from a sartorial standpoint, but almost never sport, so if I do, it will be quite the adventure! :) (I'd also lovvvvve to do an Edwardian look, but I have even less in my closet on that front, so it may be one of those down the road sorts of things).

    You really look fantastic, sweet dear!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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